10 Ways to Honor Your Water Sign

Are you a water sign?  Born a Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio?  Or maybe you’ve always been drawn to the ocean in its natural state?  Perhaps you practice sea witchcraft or you spent your childhood on some wild riverbank?

If you need to tap into your “flow,” just add water!

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How to honor your water sign.

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Try Sensory Deprivation

Experience the serenity of sensory deprivation.  Really, everyone should do it once.  Find a local spa with a tank and take the plunge!

Schedule some shore time.

Whether you live seaside or inland, find a body of water to spend sometime near it.

The rhythm of water moving in currents, lapping on the shore or crashing in waves soothes even most roughly frayed nerves.

Time near water particularly benefits those in mourning or experiencing major life changes.  It reminds us intuitively of the sacredness of cycles, the startling force of change and our remarkable human power to experience it fully.

Carry water’s treasures with you.

Bring the element of water with you on days when you need to rely in particular on your intuition.

Shells, pearls, sandstone or a vile of ocean water make lovely pendants.

Or, if you don’t wear jewelry, try carrying a river stone in your pocket; rub it between your fingers to calm anxiety or clear your thoughts.

Listen to the sound of it.

Covered pavilions make great places to listen to the rain and practice yoga or read.  Check public parks, find one near you and go when it rains.  You’ll very likely to have it all to yourself.

Try playing the sounds of a waterfall or the rain during your meditation or rituals.


Afraid you’re about to do something hasty?  Need some time to think about it?  Write down your dilemma, along with the pros and cons of each option.

Then submerge it in jar of water and place it in the freezer.

When you think you made up your mind, pull the jar out.

If you still feel the same way by the time it thaws, at least you made your decision after careful consideration of your intuitive instinct.

Keep it flowing.

Try a small indoor fountain in your bedroom or space for relaxation.  If you’re feeling creative and you have the skills, you can pretty easily make your own, but I recommend buying a kit the first time around.

Bathe in it.

I try, at least once a month, to draw a real bath and soak.  It’s a nice thing to do the night of the full moon, or for the Sabbats.

Most recently, I took a ritual bath for Imbolc.  So soothing!

Breathe it.

Spend some time in a steam room.  Especially if you have access to one for free through your gym or apartment complex.  Even sitting for a few minutes in the steam after a shower helps to clear your mind, open up your lungs, and sweat out some toxicity.

Boil it.

Bring a pot of water to boil on the stove.  Add cleansing herbs like peppermint or rosemary to infuse water for ritual.  Bonus:  your house will smell amazing!

Protect it.

Be aware of local, national and international water issues.  Clean, fresh water runs dry in many parts of the world.

Donate to non-profit organizations like charity: water to help provide clean drinking water in vulnerable regions and make a point on voting on matters that effect access to clean water.

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