10 Ways to Honor Your Fire Sign

Are you a fire sign?  (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius?)  Or maybe you’ve always felt drawn to the power and beauty of fire?  Perhaps you’ve spent hours at your hearth, hypnotized by the morphing glow of the flames?  Check out the ideas below to ignite your passion for the Element of Fire.

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How to honor your fire sign.

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Keep an “eternal flame” on the altar

You may be uncomfortable keeping an open flame while you’re not there to keep an eye on it, and that’s okay.  But some people find safe ways to keep a flame burning on the altar (such as placing a candle in a bowl of water and making sure there’s nothing near it that could ignite).  This simple devotion helps connect you to the power of fire without “getting burned.”

Try sun magick.

You know that big ball of fire in the sky?  While the moon takes center stage in the most common forms of modern witchcraft, the sun burns bright with opportunities for the eager fire witch.

Visit a volcano.

If you really want to feel the full force of the Element of Fire, there’s nothing like standing at the foot of a volcano.  While there are a few options in the United States, you best bet may be to head out of the country.  Check out The Green Witch’s Guide to the Magic of Costa Rica for an awesome destination idea!

Raise power with fireworks.

Looking for a cool power-raising idea for your next ritual?  Definitely consider power raising with firecrackers and “blow off some steam.”

Cook over an open flame.

If you use a gas stove, you cook this way every night.  Take it a step further and try cooking outdoors over an open flame.  It takes some skill, but it feels super primal, deepening your connection with your early ancestors as well as power element.

Go camping.

Similarly, the camping experience demands so much from fire, it’s a great way to force yourself to connect with it, care about it and tend the flame.  You want coffee?  Better start a fire.  Hungry?  Get to stacking some wood.  Cold?  Light it up and warm those toes.

Speak your mind.

Unlike their meeker counterparts in the zodiac, fire signs rarely get tongue-tied.  When you feel the urge to state your peace, go for it and feel the flames of your inner diva smoke.

Write your next spell on flash paper.

If you’ve never used flash paper, it’s time to start!  Makes an especially theatrical display during group rituals.  Your coven mates won’t soon forget this dramatic addition.  Try it this Beltane to add some literal flare to your celebration.

Donate to victims of fire.

Like all the elements, fire is both life-giving and life-taking.  Help heal the destructive side of fire by volunteering with or donating to charitable organizations that help those displaced or devastated by fire.

Blessed be.

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