20 Pagan, Wiccan & Witchy Names for Baby Girls

Pregnant?  Looking for that perfect, unique, pagan-flavored baby girl name for the little witch-in-training?

Below, I listed (in no particular order) some unique ideas to inspire Wiccan, pagan and self-identified witchy moms.

If you find yourself expecting a little girl, and you want her to have a name with some pagan flare, here you go!

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(To my followers who know me personally, this post is not intended as any kind of subtle hint—I am so not pregnant!  LOL!)

pagan baby girl names


Naming your baby after a protection herb seems like an especially maternal instinct.


Beautiful!  From Indian occultism, it essentially means “spiritual essence.”


According to Google, “a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.”  Oh, snap.


As this altar tool symbolizes femininity and the Element of Water, this name makes an ideal candidate for the water signed baby.


Some people claim that energy fields surround all beings and that these energy are “readable.”  The word itself seems to exude a certain ethereal quality, so if that’s your jam, use it as a name.


Greek goddess of the sacred flame.  Perfect for a fire sign.


This one is probably best avoided by actual tarot readers, as that would be way too obvious  But it’s very different and I can see it for the right baby.


Name your summer baby after this midsummer festival.


Cute, huh?  And perfect for a fall baby.


You may be sensing a pattern here.  Works for a spring baby.  I’d continue this for winter, except I personally don’t think “Yule” or Imbolc” have the same tone.


Might be a nice one for a winter or summer baby.  It rings with a pretty little bell, no?


A variation on the word “scrying,” an ancient divination technique.


I’m having difficulty defining this one because it’s so abstract.  Kind of like alternate planes of reality?  Cool concept name for a being about to transition from the other side.


This name nods gently to the practitioner of the magical arts.  And it’s super cute.


Refers to the chants used by certain mystics to induce a trancelike state during  meditation.


Pronounced ROON-ah.  A feminized version of the word “rune,” as in the divination system.


According to Neopagan.net, “The principle that every letter of the alphabet is a deity.”  I love that.  Great for the child of a pagan writer.


Daughter of the Greek goddess of Earth (Gaia).


A more authentic version of the mainstream name Fay, meaning fairy or fate.


Greek Goddess of Wisdom.  And a gorgeous, strong name!



Behind the Name

Google Dictionary

Note:  This article as originally pressed incorrectly identified Athena as a Roman goddess.  She is a Greek goddess.




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