10 Ways to Use the Supermoon in Witchcraft

With this year’s only supermoon arriving in just two short days, powerful energy swirls in the lunar-charged sky.  Take advantage of this ultra-special Esbat to tap into your personal power.

While all full moons heighten the unseen experience, the supermoon primes the energy around you particularly well for the activities below.

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1.  Work with the Element of Water.  

The supermoon creates an especially strong pull on the ocean tides, making it an ideal time to work with the element of water.  For ideas on how to use water in witchcraft, check out  How to Work with the Element of Water.

2. Burn “supermoon incense” on the altar. 

Combine equal parts dried mugwort, lavender and cinnamon sticks to burn on a charcoal disk for the supermoon.  I love this blend!  Burn it during the ritual or even just as a background incense to draw the energy of the supermoon into your ritual space or the home and hearth.

3.  Make a supermoon cookie.

For the kitchen witch: if you’ve made moon cookies before, instead of a large batch of small ones, try making one huge cookie to share for the supermoon!  The biggest challenge seems to be getting the temperature/baking times/thickness in the right balance, but if you love working things like this out in the kitchen, this is a great project for you.  Your coven or family will appreciate your efforts!

4.  Literally magnify it. 

Looking for something a little different?  Raise power during the supermoon by catching the light in a magnifying glass and charging the altar or spell elements with it.  Clever, huh?

5.  Try a gravity-based meditation. 

While the supermoon exerts its curious effect on the earth’s gravitational pull, take the opportunity to try a gravity-based meditation.  Find a local spa that offers sensory deprivation or “zero gravity” tank and schedule a session.  Or, simply begin 7-night meditation wherein you close your eyes and imagine you are so heavy you are sinking into the floor.  Each subsequent night, imagine yourself getting lighter and lighter, until you are floating in the universe.  Intense!

6.  Cast, cast, cast. 

If you’ve been waiting around for a good time to do some serious spell work, this is it.  Pick a goal that serves your or others in a big way.

7.  Do a dedication. 

Ready to commit to a deity, cause or coven?  Doing it under the light of the supermoon gives it special significance.     As a bonus, you can opt to do a re-dedication every supermoon.

8.  Try drawing down the moon

If you’ve never participated in a drawing down of the moon, many people feel this ceremony carries an especially highly charged power during the supermoon.

9.  Get grounded. 

Some people feel an especially heightened sensitivity during the full moon, and this multiplies tenfold during a supermoon.  If you tend to lean this way, take the time to get grounded.  Eat plenty of carbohydrates, tap into your root chakra in meditation or work with the element of earth to balance it out.

10.  Store it. 

Perhaps your schedule doesn’t permit you to use the supermoon at the height of its power.  In that case, leave out some crystals or make some moon water to store this turbo-charged energy for later use.


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