All Purpose Tarot Spread for Full Moon Readings

Tight on time this full moon, but want to do something?  Got a question about this next moon cycle, or what to expect in the coming month?  Try this fully customizable spread for some quick insight into the next steps on your path.

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full moon tarot spread

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For this spread, I chose the Deviant Moon Tarot (a complimentary copy was recently sent to me by US Games for review—–I love it when this happens.)  The quirky art and strong lunar themes fit nicely with the celestial context of this spread.

Position 1:  Light of the Moon.  Represents the things in your life which bring clarity, appear obvious to you, or are seemingly under your control.

Position 2:  Shadow of the Moon.  Symbolizes your cycles, blockages and repetitive thinking.   Pay careful attention to the details of this card and see if anything jumps out at you, particularly if they call attention to underlying issues or subconscious thoughts you ordinarily pass over easily.   Habitual tendencies often fly under our radar, even when we engage them every day.

Position 3:  The Fullness of the Moon.  Represents things in your life coming to fruition, including the results of past efforts as well as a lack of past efforts.  Take this card impersonally.  Karma neither rewards, nor punishes, but merely acts through the principle of cause and effect.

Position 4:  The Waning of the Moon.  Signifies those things, people, ideas, situations or feelings phasing out of your life at this time.  Note what feelings their departure stirs in you.  A sense of loss?  Relief?  Indifference?  We often think of transition and change as tumultuous, but not always.  Some things escape you long before you even notice their absence.

Position 5:  The Newness of the Moon.  Indicates recent changes, a new person or the seeds of an emerging talent in your life.  This change may be either positive or negative or neither.  A new love interest brims with the possibility of an exciting life change—-or the wayward road of a dangerous liaison.  The recent addition of a glass of wine in your evening ritual perhaps progresses to a finer palette—–or a bout with alcoholism.  Rather than making assumptions about where this new path leads, simply note its current direction.

Position 6:  The Waxing of the Moon.  Look to this card for those relationships, talents or situations with which you have history or experience, but also that hint of unrealized potential.  Take a moment to check in with yourself and ask what you might do to advance to the next level . . . and whether or not you actually want to.

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