Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Divination At Its Most Dysfunctional

If magic is about intentions, focus, and the power of your mind to influence your circumstances, self-fulfilling prophecies are the definition of spell craft gone wrong.

Today, we’re talking about why self-fulfilling prophecies are really a misalignment of the spirit, and how to correct the imbalance without veering off course from living your best life.

What is a self-fulfilling prophecy?

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a tendency to manifest our fears and insecurities just by assuming the worst will happen.  And overthinking that possibility until we inevitably sabotage ourselves.

In their own way, self-fulfilling prophecies are a kind of divination gone wrong.  You are literally predicting an outcome, and visualizing that outcome in your head—over and over and over.  If you believe that your thoughts influence your life, this is a way of inadvertently cursing yourself.

Here are some magical ways to correct this spiritual imbalance.

Try a manifestation spell.

Instead of trying to shut down negative thinking that leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy, it’s much easier to refocus your attention.  Try this manifestation spell to promote happiness.

Have someone else read your tarot—or put it aside altogether.

If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of thinking the worst, and then inadvertently making the worst happen, it’s very natural to tend to see negative things during divination sessions.

Avoid the tarot deck for a while, or consider having someone else read your cards for you.

Otherwise, you’ll tend to look for the worst possible interpretation of any given card.

Try working with relaxation herbs.

Stress-busting herbs help to relieve negative thinking and refocus the mind on manifesting more positive outcomes.

Add them to your ritual bath, make a dream sachet out of them, or burn them in your cauldron.

Here are some relaxing herbs to try:




Pro-Tip:  All of the herbs above blend well together to make an amazing chill-out incense.


Beat the cycle of negative thinking by cultivating a magical mindfulness practice.

Learning to control your thoughts (especially when they feel out of control) is the foundation of spellcraft.

Cultivating a mindfulness practice to complement your magical practice has holistic benefits and zero downsides.

Try dream magic.

The unconscious mind is a powerful tool.  You can directly influence your unconscious by trying dream magic.

Especially if you tend to worry at night, don’t underestimate your own ability to dream better, and as a result, live better awake.

Dreaming is not a passive experience.  You create your dreams, and in turn, they create you.

Re-Write Your Narrative

The ancient magical word, abracadabra, literally means “I speak, therefore I create.”

Use your words to rework your thinking.

Try this.  Think of something you worry about a lot.  Anything that trips you up or removes you from a positive mindset.

Now, sit down with a piece of paper and re-write your own way of thinking.   Boil it down to one sentence, and write it over and over in your journal or book of shadows daily until your start to notice your inner monologue shifting.

It’s amazing. 

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