At-Home Spiritual Retreat for Fall Equinox

Feeling blah?  Stuck?  An at-home spiritual retreat may be just the thing you need to lift your spirits and get in the swing of autumn.

As the Veil Between Worlds begins to thin, the Fall Equinox (or Mabon, for those of you who celebrate the Wheel of the Year) is a perfect time to turn inward and nurture the soul.

Spiritual retreats are meant to facilitate this communion with your connection to the divine.

But not everyone can afford to fly to Sedona or Costa Rica for a weekend retreat of spiritual rejuvenation.  

So today, we’re offering you a simple itinerary for a full day of soul-searching.  


The week before your at-home spiritual retreat, take some time to prepare your home and gather your supplies.

Make sure that your home is cleaned well—nothing is more stressful and distracting than sitting in a mess!  

Also, make sure you have the supplies you need for the Fall Equinox ritual bath, and get the groceries you need to make your meals (see below).

On the morning of your retreat, make sure you are able to put away your electronic devices.  No phone calls, emails, or scrolling.  Trust me, you need this.

At-Home Retreat Itinerary

Wake up early and brew yourself some tea.   You can use any herbal pre-made tea you like.  Or, if you want an extra sensual experience, try making it from scratch.  This recipe for ginger lemon is easy, and it’s enjoyable to make. 

You’ll be fasting until lunch, so you may want to skip the honey to avoid a sugar crash!

Nature Walk

Autumn is a perfect time to try this itinerary for an at-home fall spiritual retreat. Simple, relaxing and way more affordable than flying to Sedona!

Go for a relaxing nature walk

Somewhere close to home is fine.

But the more immersed in nature you can be, the better.  Pick the best your area has to offer.  

Mindful Reading

When you get home, spend some time reading a book to further your spiritual education.  This can be one of your choosing according to your interests and your path.


You should be in a light state of fasting at this point. 

Fasting sharpens concentration, so it’s a good time to do some guided meditation.  You can find plenty of guided meditation sessions on Spotify or Youtube if you don’t know one you like.   And if you want a specific recommendation, my absolute favorite after many years of sifting through hundreds is still Kelly Howell’s Universal Mind Meditation.  Her voice is amazing.  Make sure you have headphones, it makes a difference.

Nourishing Lunch

Prepare a light yet nourishing lunch.

If you need a suggestion, this Fall Harvest Bowl is nutrient-dense, seasonal, and vegan.  

Tarot Spread

Autumn Equinox one-card tarot spread.

After lunch, spend some time connecting with your tarot deck.  If you’re a new reader, or you don’t know any spreads that feel appropriate, keep it simple.

Try one of these ideas for a one-card tarot spread.  

Outdoor Yoga

Can't afford a trip to Sedona or a yoga conference at the beach? Try this simple at-home retreat itinerary for a magical day of spiritual rejuvenation.

Go outside for a little light yoga.   Bring your mat and your journal or grimoire.

Try a few sun salutations, or move through a simple vinyasa flow.  

If it’s raining, do it near a window instead, and crack it a little so you can listen to the rain.

Journal in Your Grimoire or Book of Shadows

Stay outside for a little while and spend some time journaling.

If you need some ideas, try one of these ideas for your Book of Shadows.

Autumn Equinox Ritual Bath

Please note:  The following section contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Gather a fluffy bath towel, some candles, and something comfy to change into.  

Draw a hot bath.  Add the following items:

-8 drops of orange essential oil

-5 drops vanilla essential oil

Before you get in the water, spend some time visualizing the water as transformative.  Imagine that the water is a vessel for deep spiritual knowledge.  A place to contemplate and steep yourself in love, light, and your personal power to shape the energy around you.

 Get in the water, close your eyes, and imagine yourself absorbing this energy.

Dry off, get dressed, and get ready for the evening.

Detox Dinner

Choose one of these light, refreshing detox dinners to end your at-home spiritual retreat with.

If the weather permits, consider taking it outside on a blanket and watching the sunset.

Dream Preparation

Spend the time before bed preparing for a night of insightful dreaming.

Consider lighting some incense or playing soft music to quiet the mind and dispel any remaining tension.

Resist the urge to check your phone!  Trust us, it’ll all be there waiting for your tomorrow.  Right now is the time to rest, recharge and give thanks for your chance to reconnect with your highest self.

Nighty night.


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