How to Host a Samhain Party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

If you’re wondering what to do this joyous festival season, get planning and host a Samhain party.


Decide whether or not to invite the little witchlettes.  Including children at a pagan party often changes a lot of the decisions you need to make.  If you want little feet everywhere, be certain all the parents are okay with allowing them to participate in the ritual, and plan at least one activity just for them.

Pick a main event.  Whether you hold a seance or a dumb supper (or both!), pick a main event to focus on and make it the theme of your invitations.

Consider an additional, smaller activity.  Particularly if you expect children to attend, a lighter additional activity like bobbing for apples or a pumpkin decorating contest tends to round out the evening nicely and leave everyone feeling grounded.

Honor the departed.  Remember your departed love ones.  In keeping with the spirit of the season, do at least one thing to acknowledge the deceased, particularly if you or someone in the group lost someone this past year.  This need not be heavy or too serious—a few photographs included in the centerpiece or serving a dish the deceased enjoyed during life fulfills this tradition nicely.

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Plan a menu.  If you’re doing a dumb supper, you might want to opt for potluck.  But if you plan a ritual not centered around food, most guests appreciate a few simple, fall-themed appetizers and some autumn ale.

Try a “fire only” lighting concept.  Use only candles, bonfires and/or tikki torches to light your scene.  You’ll be amazed!  Using only flames creates a powerful, mysterious atmosphere.


Decorate naturally.  Although many a witch revels in the availability of witch-y looking items at mainstream stores this time of year, plastic Halloween decor just isn’t my thing.  I prefer to make my own or, even better, use what nature provides.  Apples, mums, pine cones, squash, acorns and, of course, pumpkins!


Make favors.  I love making ritual favors for the Sabbats.   There are thousands of options, but here is one to try.

Agree to meet for the next Sabbat.  With all your like-minded friends in one room on the last day of the Wheel of the Year, this moment makes for a good time to sync your calendars and plan for the next season of moon rituals and Sabbats.

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