Get Your Event, Airbnb or Location Featured in Moody Moons

Get your haunted Airbnb or witchy event featured in a professional blog with 100k followers.

Got a haunted Airbnb?  A witchy festival or retreat?  Or a tourist location that you think would be of interest to our readers?

Now is your chance to get it featured in Moody Moons.

We are currently accepting property and event submissions for our fall/winter travel schedule.

Bloggers are a must for organic promotion.

Maybe your bed-and-breakfast has a 100-year history of ghost stories.  Or, maybe you organize women’s retreats or are the event planner for a spiritual festival.

If you’re trying to get your business off the ground, take it to the next level or reach a new audience, a feature from an influencer in your niche is a staple of a modern promotion campaign.

Targeted exposure in the blogging world is no longer optional for travel destinations in the spiritual travel industry.

But finding professional bloggers who produce high-quality copy and images in your niche is tough.

We have the same problem. Event planners and hospitality owners willing to host bloggers are as numerous as shells on the beach. 

But finding the right property suitable for a niche audience is more like trolling for buried treasure in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

Fortunately, if you’re reading this, your property or event is very likely in Moody Moon’s niche. Keep reading and let’s see if we can get this done together.

Who we’re looking for.

We receive dozens of requests to feature various products, services, and events around the world every month.  

Unfortunately, we cannot feature every request—and you don’t want us to. 

The effectiveness of content-based marketing centers on how tightly the service or product fits into any given niche.  

We only showcase locations and events that are of particular interest to our audience.  This approach is best for them and for you.  It creates a sense of trust with our audience that what we feature is of real value to them.

Every feature we select is hand-curated with that in mind. Moody Moons’ readers show special interest in properties, events, and tours related to magical, paranormal, and alternative spiritual retreats. This includes:

-Women’s retreats.

-Haunted houses, bed and breakfasts or properties reputed to be haunted.

-Witchcraft events.

-Pagan festivals.

-Belly dance retreats and festivals.

-Ayahuasca and medicine retreats.

-Towns or areas with special spiritual significance, such as Salem, Jerusalem, Sedona, ect.

-Areas where the dead are venerated, temples and burial grounds, ect.

-Communes and community spiritual life.

-Properties that showcase exceptional natural beauty (including glamping sites).

-Properties that feature holistic food, spa treatments or other natural living values.

-Events for spiritualists, psychics, and mediums. If you feel your property or event merits consideration (even if not listed above) please feel free to contact us. 

Fair Value

Building a trusted audience takes years.  You can’t buy it.  You can’t fake it. Google knows the difference between a legitimate website with organic readers and a Russian hack site.  Trust us. A feature in Moody Moons tells Google your site is legit, boosts your rankings, and exposes you to a key market that is difficult to access through traditional advertising.

What You Will Get From Moody Moons:

-A full-length travel feature showcasing your property or event.

-Exposure to 100,000 monthly viewers on Moody Moons.

-Access to 70,000+ followers across all the major social media platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook) 

-Access to a targeted audience on a blog that specializes in alternative spirituality.  For example, if you Google “pagan travel,” you will find that Moody Moons occupies the top results most of the time.

-High-quality, original photo imaging of your property or event featured in the article. Stock images generally rank very poorly in search engines. All the photos you see on Moody Moons are original, and we regularly sweep for copyright infringement to maintain our search ranking.

For samples of our travel features, check out:

Haunted Savannah

A Modern Witch’s Guide to Salem, Massachusetts

The Magic of New Orleans

Witchcraft in Romania: A Modern Witch’s Guide to the Magic of Transylvania Glamper’s Paradise

Minimum Stay Requirements

Please note: Minimum stay requirements may be waived for charitable organizations or events where the duration of the event is less than the minimum stay. Otherwise:

For domestic features on the EAST COAST:

-A minimum of 3 nights

For domestic features on WEST COAST OR CANADA:

-A minimum of 5 nights

For international features:

-A minimum of 9 nights stay.  


Contact our marketing team at Upon request, we are happy to provide a media kit, references and screenshots of our stats. Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!


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