9 Magickal Ways to Use Your Chalice

An elegant chalice is an heirloom spell craft tool that many witches pass down to the next generation.   

Make the most of this classic altar piece and use it to its full potential.

Things non-witches can learn from the Craft.

What is a chalice?

A chalice is just a fancy word for a cup.

But when we talk about chalices in witchcraft and magic, we generally mean ceremonial goblet used in rituals and spells.

Although often silver, you can use a wine glass, ceramic drinking vessel or even something carved from stone. 

You don’t need to spend a lot on a chalice.  I find really gorgeous ones (along with many other things for witchcraft) at thrift stores and consignment shops.

Or, use one passed down from an older member of your family.  Many people use and save silver goblets from their wedding ceremonies.

For a little inspiration, try one of the following ideas.

In place of a cauldron. 

If your chalice has a heat-safe finish, place a charcoal disk inside and burn your ritual herbs in it. 

The visual of smoke rising from the chalice adds a mystical quality that I just love!

To collect rainwater for blessing

Leave your chalice in the rain for pure, natural water to use in making moon water or herbal infusions.

In binding rituals. 

If you have a small coven, and it doesn’t weird you out to drink from the same cup, chalices are an exquisite way to seal the bonds of sisterhood. 

Choose a blended wine, pass the chalice around the circle, and have each member pledge their friendship to the people next to her.

(Check out Pairing Wine with Ritual for more ideas on this subject!)

In handfasting ceremonies. 

Add a “unity chalice” in place of the unity candle at a handfasting ceremony

The couple each pours some wine into the same chalice, and then they each drink from it. 

(Be sure to ask a wine pro at your local vineyard or wine shop to recommend 2 wines that blend well together).

We used this idea at our vineyard wedding for a rustic touch and it worked out beautifully!

For scrying. 

Fill your chalice with water, then add dragon’s blood ink or another dark ink to the water. 

Take it outside under the full moon and use it exactly as you would use a scrying mirror.

To blend potions.  

Finding an altar item or spell component at a thrift store makes any witch's heart smile. Here's a few common ones to look for.

Blend small batches of oils, loose incense  blends, infusions or brews for immediate use in your chalice.

(Never experimented with making your own potions before?  Consider taking Moody Moon’s course, The Art of Potion Making).

Dress up cakes and ale. 

Don’t use plastic or disposable cups for cakes and ale! 

Chalices make everything feel so much more witchy.  Serve your cakes on a formal serving plate and add chalices for a classy ritual that would please Martha Stewart herself.

Want to take it up a level?  Try making your own witchy cocktails to serve during Cakes & Ale.

As a vessel for herbs.

Pro tip.

If you plan to burn loose incense or use herbs during your ritual, use your chalice as a vessel for them.

It makes it easier to access them and avoids the unnecessary awkwardness of stopping to unscrew a jar in the middle of your moon circle ceremony.

Float candles. 

If you are working with the energies of fire and water, floating candles inside a chalice makes an effective way to blend these elements.

It also just looks pretty.  

For added magical punch, consider floating the candles in homemade moonwater.

To cleanse gemstones. 

Leave your gemstones or crystals in your chalice with water and place in the moonlight overnight to cleanse and charge them. 

Just be sure you know your stones!  Some dissolve in water!

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