Witch Art Prints: Choosing Art For Your Sacred Space

Medieval Illustration of Mandrake Root from the medical manuscript, manuscript latinus 9333,.

Witch art prints for everyone!

Whether you are an apartment-dwelling witch or a cottage witch, we compiled a list of our favorite magical home decor posters for your humble abode.

From contemporary and trendy to classic and traditional, from subtle to full-on “yes, ma’am, I practice witchcraft,” the selection below contains a little something for whatever magical aesthetic pleases you.

Art and magic.

Witchcraft is ultimately an art of the spirit.

Incorporate magical art into your home to inspire your creativity and tune your home to your personal aesthetic.

Most of the art featured in this post is available in larger format posters.  But even the tiniest art print can knock the icky vibes off a dark corner in your house or light your altar with a visual representation of your aspirational intentions.

When you select a piece of magical art that speaks to you, consider using it in any of the following ways:

-Display it on your altar to set a certain mood or tone for ritual.

-Incorporate it into vision boards for magical purposes.

-Adorn your Book of Shadows or grimoire with art to break up blocks of writing or embellish special passages.

-If you are an artist yourself, use it to inspire your work when you want to use your medium in your magical practice.

-Hang it in areas of the home that feel cold or that need an energetic lift.

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Choosing art for your space.

Everything you choose to include in your home comes with a certain vibration.

But art emanates particularly powerful energy. 

Many things in your home serve you on a purely mundane level.  (You likely selected your microwave or your toothbrush for their practice applications in your life).  Some things may be both mundane and aesthetically pleasing (your brightly colored bedspread, or your handcrafted coffee mug).

But wall art you choose purely for its aesthetic qualities.  Art speaks to the soul, and it speaks to us all differently.  The way it speaks to you says something uniquely personal about your energy and your spirit.

In many ways, art is magic.  We can’t quite explain why it moves us, or why it doesn’t move us.  

When selecting a particular piece of art, consider your personal aesthetic, your magical intentions, and the energy you want to impart to your space.

What do you want to invite more of into your home?

Alchemy aesthetic.

Alchemy art prints for your witchy apothecary.

We’d totally hang this chic collection of alchemy posters on the wall over the altar.  Part line art, part mid-Century mod, this set is much more sophisticated than the tacky goth stuff from this genre circa 2003.

The wonderous Catrin Welz-Stein.

Magical art ideas for your home and altar. 

Creator of one of my favorite tarot decks ever (as in ever), the artist Catrin Welz-Stein takes concepts that would come off as cheesy or over-the-top in anyone else’s hands and makes them legendary.

Her art always emerges as something striking, otherworldly, and seemingly lit from within.

This one makes a soothing image for the bedroom.

Stay wild, moon child.

Stay wild, moon child. Witchy art for your hearth and home.

Okay, so the “stay wild, moon child” thing all over t-shirts and coffee mugs in every occult shop across the country is a little overdone and a little 3 years ago.  BUT we love the intricate, beautiful artwork in this moon child poster

The ethereal, whimsical lines and limited color palette make it easy to fit into your existing decor.

Looks great with gold accents!

Medieval medicine.

Medieval Illustration of Mandrake Root from the medical manuscript, manuscript latinus 9333,.

On a budget?  Look up old medieval herbalism manuscripts and print them on high-quality paper, then mount them on poster board and lean them on bookshelves or your altar for an old-world feel.  A perfect way to inspire the green witch or herbalist in you!

You can also search for art plates in old college textbooks available very inexpensively at the thrift store.

Vision herbs.

Sophisticated psychedelia art posters.

Not your grandmother’s botanical art!  These herbal prints feature psychedelic plants and vision herbs.

If you love a more traditional look but want something edgy, this collection winks at you like a naughty child.

John William Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse’s The Sorceress is a classic example of the influence of witchcraft on artists during the pre-Raphaelite era.

Surround it with contemporary elements for an eclectic feel.  Or, add it to a traditional room with Old World decor to create a sense of magical ambiance.  

A lovely print for a dedicated tarot reading room!

How to display your art for magical intentions.

Like one of the pieces above?  Or already have one you want to put up?

Consider displaying your art to further your progress in the Craft.

When you find art that feels suited to your current goals, take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

What room does this seem more suited to?  The bedroom?  The bathroom?  My study or apothecary?

In what way is this piece magical?  Is it surreal (dream magic)?  Romanticized (love spells)?  Naturalist (herbalism)?  Where am I most likely to engage in the activities that are relevant to these magical intentions?

What about the light?  Art looks different at different times of day depending on how the natural light enters your home.  Is there a window that often gets light from the full moon?  Do you get the western-facing light that tends to gild art in the golden hour of late afternoon?  How do these natural rhythms interact with the energy of your art?

Framing.  If you plan to frame your art, can you use this as an opportunity to deepen the meaning of the piece for your intentions?  For example, perhaps you can decorate the frame with gemstones that feel appropriate, or incorporate the piece in some of your own collage art?

Surroundings.  When accessorizing your piece, what items would you surround it with to compliment the energy?  Are there candles that play off the colors in the print?  Perhaps it’s an herbal print that needs a real plant near it to help it “breathe.”  Choose items that feel energetically pleasing to you and chase away any icky vibes that lurk.

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How to choose inspiring art for your altar, home or sacred space.

Choosing powerful images and art to fuel your magic and enchant your sacred space.

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