Milk Magic: 7 Ideas to Use Milk in Witchcraft

Got milk?  Then you’ve got magic.  If you never considered milk magic, it’s time to rethink this creamy white treat.

Even if you don’t regard yourself as a kitchen witch, incorporating milk in your spell craft is easy. 

Bonus?  There’s a good chance you’ve already got some on hand!

Here’s a few Craft-y ways to make the most of milk magic.

Make moon milk.

Full moon ritual milk with butterfly pea flowers and coconut sugar.

Moon milk is a sacred drink made during the full moon or other esbats to celebrate the turning of the lunar cycle.

Choose high quality or locally sourced milk for this tasty treat.  Drink it near the window on a cold night and contemplate the moon.  Or, take it outside for your moon ritual during beautiful weather.

Here are two magical recipes for moon milk:

Full Moon Milk with Butterfly Peaflowers

Rose Moon Milk with Cherries

Make a magical gift.

Ritual bath gift baskets are one of my go-to DIY presents for the holidays.

Everyone loves to indulge in a hot bath during the winter.  If you have witchy friends or a coven, make a large batch of this honey oat milk bath and bottle it up in cutesy vintage milk jars. 

Cork it or tie it off with some pretty fabric and ribbon.

Add it directly to your ritual bath.

For gifts, powdered milk works best.

But for yourself, there’s no reason you can’t pour fresh milk into your bathwater directly.

Add flowers, honey or other skin-nourishing ingredients to take your bath from mundane to magical instantly.

Use it in your Imbolc rituals.

Milk and cream are signature ingredients for the winter holiday of Imbolc.

If you celebrate the Wheel of the Year, consider including milk in your ritual to honor this aspect of Imbolc and say farewell to the winter season.

To purify gemstones.

9 Ways to Use Malachite in Witchcraft

Milk vibrates with a distinctly purifying aura.

Once a year, soak gemstones in fresh milk to “deep clean” their energy.  Then rinse them off in moon water and leave them to charge in the fullest moon light for three nights.

In witchy cocktails.

"Amethyst" rock candy

When you whip up a cocktail, you probably don’t often think of milk or cream as a a key ingredient.

But it can be a very elevated way to create something unique at your wet bar.

Add a splash to this Amethyst Wishing Well Cocktail or sub it for the irish cream.

Ritual bath bars.

Add powdered milk to handmade soap for ritual bath.

Some pracitioners believe milk acts as a sponge for psychic ick, soaking it up so you can wash it down the drain.


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