Moon Salts Recipe for Lunar Rituals and Magic

Moon magick: Celebrating the lunar cycle with a homemade batch of moon salts.

Just the process of creating these moon salts quiets the soul. 

The pure, calming scent of cedar & lavender essential oils plus the aqua magic of seashells and ocean salts dispel inner darkness and lighten the heart.

This full moon, harness the power of the lunar cycle in one little glass jar.

A recipe for lunar ritual moon salts.

Get witch-crafty this full moon with a batch lunar salts.

Use homemade moon salts in your next lunar ritual, moon circle or to promote a magical dream life.

Ritual Salts and the Moon

A staple in modern witchcraft, ritual salts symbolize the elements of Earth & Water.  

The full moon is a great time to work with ritual salts, and in particular, sea salt based ritual salts, because of the association of the moon with the ocean tides.

Here are some clever ideas for using your salts:

-Give away jars of moon salts during your next moon circle as a magical party favor.

-Sprinkle them around the perimeter of your home after a difficult period (divorce, child moving out) to reset your home’s energy.

-Use them to mark the perimeter of your sacred circle.

-Scatter them on your bedroom floor after a nightmare or period of insomnia.  Vacuum or sweep them up and discard them somewhere far away from your home to clear negative vibes.

-Make a batch with your kids (celebrating the full moon with children is so much fun!) and make moon salts part of your nighttime ritual.  You can encourage them to surround a candle with moon salts and then light it during story time.  Of course, blow it out before they fall asleep!

Meaning of the Ingredients

Choose ingredients with traditional lunar associations for this project.  These salts include!


Cedar creates a sacred space anywhere its woodsy scent permeates.

This lunar ingredient clears negative entities, welcomes the woodland spirits and draws the moon’s energy close to your sacred circle.


With so many ways to use seashells in witchcraft, there’s no reason not to make the most of your foraged collection.

As noted above, the ocean tides that bring seashells from the water to the shore are powerfully connected to the moon’s energy.


The notoriously calming spirit of lavender restores tranquility and revitalizes the soul.

Use it here for its deep blue-purple color to symbolize the night sky and promote healing, psychic connection and intuition during your full moon rituals.

Sea Salt

Sea salt in particular emphasizes the energy of the ocean.  The cycles, tides and wave patterns of the sea are deeply connected to the lunar cycle.  So, combining the energy of ritual salt with the magic of the moon just makes sense.

Things You Will Need

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*1/2 cup sea salt (fine or coarse)

*20 drops cedarwood essential oil

*12 drops lavender essential oil

*Crushed or very small seashells

*Optional:  Cedar wood shavings or dried lavender flower to “garnish.”

Step 1

Combine all ingredients in a clean glass jar.  Blend well, then top with extra seashells and (optional) whole dried lavender or cedarwood shavings.

Step 2

Leave under the full moon overnight.  Outside is best.  But if it looks like rain is coming, on a windowsill will do in a pinch!

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