9 Ways to Use Echinacea in Witchcraft

How to use echinacea in witchcraft.

If you plant echinacea in your garden for its splendid magenta beauty, bring some inside for your witchcraft practice!

Echinacea (sometimes called “purple coneflower,” “snakeroot,” or, my personal favorite, “hedgehog”) brims with magical properties.

From getting through a tough time to drawing prosperity to your home, this gem of the garden is a summer staple for the magical herbalist.

As a blood substitute.

Are you kind of weirded out by blood?  It’s okay.

Pricking your finger to squeeze a few drops into a spell sachet or cauldron brew isn’t for everyone.

But if your spell calls for some, try using dried echinacea flowers instead.  

Known among herbalists for its tendency to improve blood health, this flower is an appropriate substitute for the red stuff in spells.

To increase spell potency.

Echinacea multiplies spell power. 

So, if you’ve been working on something especially stubborn in your Craft, try adding some to your magic to help it along.

The roots and seeds are especially concentrated.

In serpent oil.

Serpent Oil

If you like to make your own potions, this flower is an especially appropriate addition to serpent oil (protection oil).

Simply steep the roots in olive oil over very low heat for 15-20 minutes.

Anoint the corners of your homes, as well as the doors and windows, with this brew.

For assistance from bees and butterflies.

Bees and butterflies enchant the garden with powerful energy.

Both have a special affinity for echinacea.   

Grow this lovely flower in your garden to attract them, burying a piece of amber near the roots as a blessing to these mythical pollinators.  

As an offering to the woodlands.

If you practice woodland magic, leave an offering of echinacea flowers on a fallen tree or near the banks of a river.

Spend some quiet time meditating on the forest spirits and ask them to send you home with a sense of inner peace.

To improve wisdom in financial matters.

If you struggle with overspending or debt, place a vase of these flowers on your altar.

Add some pennies in the bottom of the vase.

Then, open yourself to taking a more thoughtful approach to your financial affairs and ask for guidance.


Add the seeds of this flower to a fertility spell to clear spiritual blockages that sometimes inhibit success.

Hang a spell bag of dried echinacea over the bed.

Or, add the fresh flowers to a ritual bath for fertility.


Before reading tarot or using another form of divination, lie down on the floor or on a yoga mat.

Place a whole, fresh echinacea flower over your Third Eye.

Close your eyes and imagine it opening your psychic awareness.

For inner strength.

Going through a rough patch?

Whether it’s a difficult breakup or a job loss, you need spiritual fortitude to overcome challenging life experiences.

This herb aids in summoning inner strength.

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