Beginner Witchcraft: 6 Insanely Useful Infographs

These 6 infographs make understanding the basics of modern witchcraft sooooo much easier.

Trying to wrap your mind around beginner witchcraft?  If you get lost sifting through endless books, blogs, and videos, you’re not alone.  

Starting with some simple information and building out from there helps a lot!

So we created some simple infographs to help you hone in on a few key concepts in modern witchcraft.

Of course, ours is only one approach, and doesn’t begin to glean the surface.  All of these infographs only present a tiny snippet of a fragment of the information out there.  But that’s . . . . kind of the idea.

Wheel of the Year

Not everyone celebrates the Wheel of the Year.

But they appear ubiquitously on forums, blogs, and in books on the subject of witchcraft.

So, it helps a lot to know about when they fall and some common associations. 


Wheel of the Year Quick & Dirty Cheat Sheet

Magical Herbs & Spices

From protection herbs to love spell spices, literally every plant vibrates with a magical frequency.  Rather than trying to learn hundreds of them all at once, it makes much more sense to start with a few common ones and work your way out.

Know your witchy herbs with this ridiculously useful cheat sheet.

Setting up an altar.

The art of creating an altar is a uniquely personal experience.

Approaches vary as widely as magical practitioners themselves.

But someone experimenting with beginner witchcraft, intuitively selecting items and building altars takes a little practice.

For a basic format, try this work flow!

How to set up a simple, witchy altar.

What kind of witch are you?

Not everyone wants to label themselves, and that’s fine.  But it helps to get an idea of some common, general approaches to the Craft.  Knowing, even in a vague way, where you fall in terms of interests, often makes designing your own personal practice much quicker and easier.


The magic of moon phases.

Much the Wheel of the Year, not every witch uses the moon cycles in her Craft.

But like . . . a lot of them do.

Get familiar with their general energy and uses to avoid confusion.

OMG please spare yourself the grief and know the difference between Wicca and witchcraft!

I personally don’t get offended at all when people make this mistake, but there are some folks out there who are seriously sensitive about this.  

It always makes the list of common mistakes beginners always make.

But once you know the difference, it’s pretty easy to understand.


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