DIY Moon Phase Wall Art

DIY Moon Phase Wall Art

Upgrade your altar or sacred space with this easy, DIY moon phase wall art.

When it comes to witchy decor in my hearth and home, I always go for sleek, chic design aesthetic and this project checks all the boxes for me.

This simple, elegant moon phase wall art with black & gold highlights compliments any color scheme.

I also love that it makes sense vertically or horizontally!

Witchy moon wall art craft.

So grab a paintbrush and your creativity.  Let’s make something magical.

Things You Will Need

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*metallic gold paint

*black acrylic paint

*gold scrapbooking paper or gold foil


*old toothbrush

*measuring tape or ruler

*craft glue

Step 1

Paint your canvas black.  

Pro tip:  Canvases are a lot cheaper at the thrift store than the craft store.  

I picked up this especially hideous canvas at a consignment shop for $2.

Ugly wall art canvas upcycle.

Paint at least 2 layers and allow it to dry.

Step 2

Wet the old toothbrush with water.

Then, dip it generously in the gold paint.

With the brush bristles facing the painting, run your index finger along the bristles like so to flick paint onto the canvas and create the stars.

(You may want to practice on scrap paper first to get the hang of this technique.)

Step 3

Using a drinking glass or other circular object, trace two circles.

Then, trace out a crescent moon using the same technique described here.

Cut the circles and the crescent moon out.  You should have 3 cutouts that look like this:

Witchy moon craft.

Cut one circle in half to create two half moons.

Flip the crescent moon and use it to trace a mirror image crescent moon on the gold foil.  Cut it out.

Step 4

Using the measuring tape or ruler, find the center point of the canvas.


Lightly etch a line straight down the center of the canvas vertically so that you know how to place/layout the moons.

Mark out where you want to place them so that they are evenly spaced and run along the center line.

Lay them out and adjust the spacing until you like how they look.

Step 5

Spread the craft glue on the back of each moon so that is covers the entire backside evening with a thin coat of paint.

Place the moons in position and smooth out any bumps.

Allow to dry.


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