New Tarot Treasures to Add to Your Yule Wish List

Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova

With the Winter Solstice on the horizon, snowy weather ushers in a season of giving. 

Moody Moons compiled a list of freshly published tarot decks and books.   Brighten your Yule gift-giving and plump out your wish list!

Every deck and book here is a recent publish.  Get a crisp deck to add to your rotation.  Or, toss it in a gift box with some witchy handmade goodies to make a friend’s Winter Solstice magical this Yule.

(Please note:  In keeping with best practice guidelines issued by the FCC, we always disclose when our posts contain affiliate links.  However, the editorial staff hand picks all of Moody Moon’s suggested product lists and approaches publishers directly for review copies.  We have literally zero incentive to include anything we don’t think you’ll absolutely love).

Oracle of Mystical Moments

Oracle of Mystical Moments by Catrein Weiz-Stein

Technically an oracle deck (not a standard tarot).  But we included this one at the top of our list for its gorgeous, surreal artwork.  

The Oracle of Mystical Moments by Catrein Weiz-Stein  is studded with exceptional beauty.  One of the most evocative decks to grace the divination world in years.  Add it to your collection to inspire insight with its otherworldly imagery.

An especially appropriate deck for dream interpretation, add this one to your witchy morning ritual for a meditative look into your unconscious mind.

Tarot Black & Gold Edition

Black & Gold Tarot

Over a hundred years after its original publication, the Ryder-Waite deck continues to be the “gold standard” in tarot decks.

The gilded, two-tone Black & Gold Edition adds a little character and pizazz to the artwork so well-known to any seasoned reader.

Pick up this deck to wow your moon circle or add it to your rotation of decks for a quick change up.  With familiar imagery and classic interpretations, it’s an easy way to refresh a tired collection.

Elemental Power Tarot

The Elemental Power Tarot by Melinda Lee Holm

The Elemental Power Tarot by Melinda Lee Holm boasts an array of earthy artwork.

Perfect for a reader with natural eye for craftmanship. 

Add a couple of witchy handmade gifts and stuff a stocking for a witchy, creative friend.  

Kitchen Table Tarot

Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova

Sassy, down-to-earth and approachable, the Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova covers everything from how to read the cards to tips for professional readers.

A straight-forward but entertaining book with a readable overview of the cards.  Add this one to your wish list and keep it near the hearth for a rainy day.

And when you finish it, pass it on to a like-minded friend over a cup of mugwort tea.

Fearless Tarot by Elliot Adam

Fearless Tarot:  How to Give a Positive Reading in Any Situation

No one likes to hear bad news—least of all, tarot querents.  

And as a tarot reader, you probably also never like delivering it.  Elliot Adam’s book, Fearless Tarot:  How to Give a Positive Reading in Any Situation, cleverly addresses the delicate matter of telling it how it is without sending your client into a downward spiral of divination despair.

If you tend to fear drawing the Death Card, or cringe every time The Devil appears in a spread, it’s time to learn the upside of your most anxiety-inducing draws.


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