Sea Kelp & Coconut Ritual Bath Salts (Sea Witch)

DIY sea kelp & coconut ritual bath salts for the sea witch or water sign in your life.

Mix up this recipe for sea kelp & coconut ritual bath salts to cleanse, heal and replenish your spirit.

Are you landlocked sea witch?  Or just jonesing for a little aquatic escape?

Bring the purifying power of the ocean to your bathtub.  

You only need 3 ingredients and a glass jar!

Sea witch bath salt scrub with kelp, coconut oil and sea salts.

Coconut and kelp salt scrub for witchy bath time!

Element of water sea kelp & coconut ritual salt scrub.

Sea Witch & Water Magic

Although we think of time spent at the beach as a summer activity, sea witches often work with the energy of the ocean all year round. 

But if you never experimented with this form of magic, summer is a great time to start!

Of course, ideally, living near a coastal area really helps, but if you lived in a landlocked area, no worries.

The life-giving spirit of the ocean vibrates throughout every creature on earth.

Try working with one or two aspects of the sea at a time. 

For example, this simple salt scrub brings together 2 of the most basic elements of the ocean:  water and salt.  Toss in a little kelp & coconut oil and you’ve got the beach in a jar.

Magical Correspondences 

The ingredients in this recipe capture the essence of the ocean and the sea witch.


I sometimes call the coconut the jewels of Caribbean.  When I smell it, I think of drinking freshly squeezed coconut milk & rum on a beach somewhere in Jamaica or the Bahamas.

Magically, coconut represents love, dreams coming to fruition, and sensual womanhood.

Add coconut oil to this recipe to nourish your hopes, inspire new goals and evoke your inner goddess.


All animals on Earth need salt to survive.

This ubiquitous nature of salt empowers it as a unifying substance.  When you use salt, you hold in your hand an Element that connects every animal in the world.

In modern witchcraft, we use salt for 3 primary purposes:  cleansing, healing and protection (as in this recipe for black salts).

Ritual bath salts use sea salt as a key ingredient to cleanse both the body & the spirit.


The murky, mysterious look of seaweed in the water hints at its metaphysical properties.

Seaweed symbolizes the unknowable depths of the soul and riddling secrecy of the origins of life.

We add it to this recipe as a reminder to embrace the enigmas of magic and spirituality.

You will need:

(Please note:  This section contains affiliate links for your convenience).

-3 sheets  dried seaweed 

-3/4 cup sea salt

-1-2 tablespoons liquid coconut oil

Step 1

Crush seaweed with fingers or a mortar/pestle until it reaches the desired coarseness.  

(The finer your crush it, the easier it is to wash down the drain.)

In a clean class jar, blend salt and seaweed.

Step 2

Add coconut oil until mixture is the consistency of wet sand.

Do not use solid coconut oil.  It will clog your drain.  If you don’t have (affiliate link —->) liquid coconut oil like this, then substitute olive oil, canola, jojoba, ect.

But I recommend the coconut oil, because it gives it that beachy scent!

Step 3

Scrub yourself with kelp & coconut ritual bath salts before sea witch rituals, to call on Aphrodite or when you want to evoke the Element of Water.

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