Amazon Witchy Gifts Ultimate Yule Wish List 2019

The ultimate holiday witchy Amazon gift guide.

This ultimate Yule wish list of witchy gifts includes something for every witch under the moon.

From apothecary jars to ritual wear, from new pagan reads to travel-size personal care for your holiday trips, it’s time to stock up and get ready for the Winter Solstice!

The last few months, I combed Amazon to curate a list of magical items sure to enchant everyone on your Winter Solstice list. 

These were my favorite picks.  Enjoy!

Please note:  This post contains affiliate links.  You probably already know this.  But just in case this is literally your very first day in the blogosphere, you can read all about affiliate linking on Moody Moon’s disclosure page.

Winter Solstice Wares


This Yule log candle holder is made of real birch wood and is a great substitute if you don’t have a fireplace or somewhere to light a bonfire for the Winter Solstice.

Makes a lovely centerpiece!

If you plan to host kids for the holidays, pick up a copy of The Return of the Light:  12 Tales From Around the World For the Winter Solstice.

Entertaining, educational, and in-season, it’s a great, screen-free way to enjoy some hot cocoa on the living room floor.

Want a drop dead gorgeous way to show up to your Yule ritual?

This stunning bell sleeve dress checks all the boxes.

Subtly witchy and unmistakably hot.

Saunter your way into your Winter Solstice event one leg at a time.

Gifts for the Shadow Witch

Chic, elegant and cozy, toss on this drippy black poncho for an effortlessly regal look that works at both day and evening events.

The best part?  Gift it to pretty much anyone and rest assured, they won’t need to return it for another size.

An ornate, over-the-top onyx ring that makes a bold statement during tarot readings or whenever your hands take center stage.

It takes a special witch to pull this one off, but you know her when you see her.  

Witchery:  Embrace the Witch Within by Juliet Diaz 

Cuban author Juliet Diaz introduces her eclectic spiritual path with flavors of hoodoo, rootwork and Santeria.  

Learn basic spell craft, as well as how to write your own rituals and make your Craft uniquely yours.

Gifts for the Green Witch


Forest Therapy:  Seasonal Ways to Embrace Nature for a Happier You by Sarah Ivens

If you gave up your sacred nature walks as the cold weather set it, let this book inspire you to venture out no matter the season.

Reconnecting with nature is the cornerstone of an earth-based spiritual practice.  Curl up with a cup of tea and then get motivated to take it outside.

Also a perfect way to gear up for a New Year’s exercise resolution.  Nature walks are the best kind of cardio:

Free, beautiful and invigorating . . .


Now a classic in the world of pagan statuary, this ethereal figure of the Earth Mother sits serenely on the altar year-round.

Ship it to a like-minded friend or get one for yourself in honor of your own inner goddess. 

Looking for a new journal for your 2020 book of shadows/grimoire?  I fell in love with this lovely leather Tree of Life blank book the second I saw it.

(Need some inspiration?  Check out these 50 Prompts for Your Book of Shadows).


If you know a green witch or herbalist, trust me:  she never has enough storage jars.

Give her a set of these simple, elegant glass jars and she’ll thank you for sure!

Gifts for the Folk Practitioner 

Backwoods Witchcraft:  Conjure and Folk Magic From Appalachia by Jake Woods

As the descendant of an Appalachian family, I am super excited to discover this title about a woefully underrepresented form of folk magic.

Learn a little lore (Appalachians have the best stories, I remember listening to them myself very well as a child) as well as some lovely crafting ideas.


Wow your next drum circle with this heirloom-quality djembe hand drum.

Perfect for a winter night around the fire or to call the spirits under the stars.

Holiday Travel



Warm up in this clever, shoulder-baring pullover.

Perfect for a cross-country flight if you plan to travel for the holidays, or as a charming joke at your next moon circle potluck. 


Headed over the river and through the woods? 

No need to subject yourself to harsh, environmentally unfriendly hygiene practices just because you’re leaving home.

Take your natural lifestyle on the road with this organic personal care set.

Also makes a great stocking stuffer!


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