9 Ways to Use Morning Glories in Witchcraft

Beautiful, in-season morning glories and how to use them in witchcraft.

Mysterious, fleeting and beautiful, morning glories unfold like twirling purple skirts in the first light.  Find them on an early morning walk and use fresh blooms in your Craft.  

From finding lost objects to opening your Purple Chakra, these darling wildflowers glow with magical power.

Please note:  Morning glory seeds and other parts of the plant can also cause toxic reactions when consumed, so don’t eat them.  Obviously, you probably know not to go around eating field plants randomly, but there are some really foolish people out there, so I have to say it.

Banish Addiction

Morning glories drive away the persistent, destructive urges of addiction.

Pull out the Devil card in a tarot deck and surround it with fresh morning glories.  Then, quit your bad habit.  As the flowers fade, so will your cravings.

In Binding Spells

Use the vines of morning glories in binding spells.

Make a poppet to represent the person or object you wish to bind, then wrap morning glory vines around it as tightly as you can without breaking the vine.

Leaving it in the waning moonlight for eight nights.

To Find Lost Objects

The spirits of the woodland, sometimes referred to metaphorically as fairies, delight in the hypnotic majesty of this enchanted flower.

Leave an offering of morning glories on your altar to aid in helping you find a lost object.

Then, leave it to the woodland spirits to return it to you.

Open Your Crown Chakra

Pin a morning glory in your hair at the crown to open your Crown Chakra during meditation.

Visualize purple light flowing from the flower and down your body like a waterfall.

The imagery of a flower of light makes a lovely focal point for meditation!

For Bridging the Land Between Worlds

Morning glories tend to grow in the space between cultivated plots and the wild lands.

Metaphysically, this makes the flower an excellent choice for “riding the edge” between worlds.

Place it on the edges of your sacred circle to mark this transition.  

For Astral Travel And Visions

Use this flower as a vision herb to aid you in astral travel.

Add morning glory seeds to a spell bag for enhancing visions.

Grow its power by sleeping with it in your pillowcase at night.

To Renew Vows

Morning glories live a single day, then fade, only to be reborn the next day.

This constant process of death and rebirth symbolizes the evolution of love.

Use morning glories in ceremonies for lovers to renew their vows a year and a day after their handfasting.

While Mourning

Leave these flowers on a fresh grave during your mourning period as a symbol of the precious, fleeting nature of mortal relationships.

Let them also remind you that even the deepest pain fades and is reborn into something new.

To Inspire Persistence

The invasive nature of morning glories mimics the tenacity of highly successful people.

They refuse to quit, vining their way into every crevice of sunlight in wastelands crowded with competitors.

Use this flower in spells  to help you overcome plateaus on the way to reaching your goals.


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How to use morning glories in witchcraft and magick.

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