9 Ways to Use Glitter in Witchcraft

Glenda-the-Good-Witch understood the magic of glitter.   Girlfriend was practically swimming in it with that gianormous, tulip-shaped ballgown of hers.

It’s no wonder photographers, props masters and costume designers so often include glitter as a metaphor for magic in theatrical productions.

There’s just something unmistakably mystical about sparkling bits of light flying through the air.

In a way, these fictional presentations of magic are their own kind of magic.  Creating that otherworldly vibe that takes us from our “real” lives into that transcendent space of the sacred is the essence of the art of witchcraft.

Add a dash of twinkle to your next ritual with one of the following ideas for using glitter in witchcraft.

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The Importance of Using Biodegradable Glitter

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s talk a little about the importance of using biodegradable glitter.

“Traditional” glitter—as in the stuff you typically find at craft stores–is made up of something known as microplastics.

All plastics are bad for the environment.

They are also frankly unavoidable.  You likely touch hundreds of plastic products a day.  (If you don’t believe me, try going about your day for just ten minutes without touching plastic.  You can start by getting off your phone or laptop).

Some of it is obvious, like plastic bags, straws and cups.

But lots of it you may not even think about.  It’s in fabric, toothpaste, zippers, foam, mattresses, countertops.

I’m not trying demonize plastic glitter in any special way.  It’s likely no better or worse than all the other plastic products you’re using, and it’s undoubtedly a very small part of the problem.

But in an earth-based practice, I try to stick to ritual items that are biodegradable and minimize their own impact on the ecosystem.

This is especially true if you’re planning an outdoor ritual.

*Climbs down from soapbox.*

Okay, now that that’s over, let’s have some fun with glitter and witchcraft!

Full moon rituals that include children.

Kids love glitter.  It’s hard to blame them.  It checks all the usual boxes for kids.

1.  It’s shiny.

2.  It’s messy.

3.  It gets in your hair and stays there for days.

So the next time you include kids in your full moon ritual,  let them have some fun with glitter.

They can add it to magic “potions,” decorate their ritual tools with it or have a “glitter fight” to raise power for a spell.

Faerie magic.

Use glitter as a stand-in for “fairy dust” in spells that call on the spirit of the woodlands.

Faerie magic is especially appropriate during the spring and summer moons and Sabbats.

If you’ve never tried it, don’t worry.  You need not believe in little green men in order to indulge in a little faerie fun.

Sprinkled on cakes and ale.

Here's an idea:  Serve cakes & ale with edible glitter.

Did you know there is such thing as edible glitter?

I know, I know.  I found out about the stuff and I was like, wtf?  How come no one has told me about this before?

Sprinkle it on your cakes for a Cakes and Ale ritual to elevate your magical pastries to the next level.

Glamour spells.

What’s more glamorous than glitter?

Find creative ways to use glitter in your glamour spells and rituals.

Try whipping up a batch of body glitter (look for tutorials on Pinterest) and use it in your ritual makeup.  Or, leave some in the moonlight and then sprinkle it around your vanity before a big night out.

In sun magic.

Are you crafty with candles?

Roll white candles in gold glitter and use them as a representation of solar energy or the masculine divine.

Perfect for sun magick or other rituals you want to “shine a light” on.

On the altar.

Try sprinkling your altar with some silver glitter to draw down the energy of the moon.

You can even sprinkle it strategically, like just around your statuary or only around your working spell tools,

This is a creative way to focus the magical energy.

To lift sadness or grief.

If you’re feeling low, try this sun spell to banish depression.

The glitter included in this spell drags the light back into your life!

“Enchant” your ritual space.

If you love to come up with creative circle casting ideas, glitter makes an awesome circle marker.

The edges of your ritual space will shimmer delightfully!

Blessed be.

Clever ideas to use glitter for ritual, magick and witchcraft.

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