9 Ways to Use Henbit Dead Nettle in Witchcraft

How to use henbit dead nettle in spells, witchcraft, magic and spring rituals like Ostara and Beltane.

What is Henbit?

Ah, the glorious, ladylike flowers of henbit have arrived!

These delicate, orchid-y blossoms make a fantastic foraged herb for the green witch or kitchen witch.

Henbit (also known as “henbit dead nettle” or “common henbit”) is a member of the mint family.

Don’t be fooled by the category.  It smells nothing like the menthol-scented peppermint or spearmint.

But like its genetic cousins, it spreads faster than spilled wine on couch linen.  If you live in areas where it grows wild, you likely need only to walk out your backdoor to find some.

And because most gardeners consider it a [petulant, stubborn, infinitely irritating] weed, almost no one minds if you take it.

Attract Beauty and Harmony

Henbit commonly attracts hummingbirds, which symbolize beauty, harmony and messages from the spirit world.  Braid some into your hair, or include it in a beauty tonic to attract the spirit of the hummingbird.

Encourage Self-Motivation

This flower self-pollinates.  Take advantage of this as a metaphysical property.  Include this flower in spells to encourage self-propelled projects and ambitions.

Add dried flowers to potions, candles and incense blends for this purpose.

Integrate Peacefully

Although native to the Mediterranean, this plant spreads wildly throughout the world where the climate conditions are ideal.

Yet, it seems to naturalize without threatening local ecosystems, and is generally regarded as a harmless invader.

Use this admirable quality in your spells when you plan to enter into a new, already established situation.  Perfect for spells to smoothly transition into a new coven, job or other social situation without ruffling feathers.

Kitchen Witch It

The flowers and leaves of this plant are edible.

They make a gorgeous addition to spring-foraged salads for the Ostara or Beltane table.

You can also use them for flower moon cookies.

Rise from the Ashes

Henbit grows best in wastelands and cleared areas.  (Which is why you can’t get it out of your lawn!)

Its royal-purple blossoms rise from devastated landscapes to remind us that no matter the crisis, life goes on and hope springs eternal.

If you recently experienced a major upheaval in your life, try carrying some henbit to find your inner fierce again.

Be Fruitful and Multiply

A single plant produces up to 2,000 seeds.

Use this quality of abundance to further your efforts in prosperity and money magic.

Cool Tempers

Used medicinally as a fever-reducer, henbit makes a great spell ingredient to help chill out hot-tempers or soften the blows of a recent argument that got out of hand.

It also helps you to find the strength to apologize when you know you’re wrong but your pride just . . . won’t . . . let you.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Go Wild

As a particularly tenacious wildflower that naturalizes quickly and without hesitation, this herb helps loosen inhibitions.

Perfect for spells to help those with mild social anxiety or people struggling to “come out of their shells.”

For those of us who were born without filters, using it for this purpose can be exceedingly socially dangerous!

Make Wildflower Bouquets

Miniature wildflower bouquets make beautiful favors for spring handfastings, Beltane or Ostara rituals.

They grow so abundantly, you can gather enough for a party of ten in a single nature walk.

Mix them with wild violets, spring roses, clover flower or forsythia.

Blessed be.


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Using henbit dead nettle in witchcraft, spells, magic and handfasting.

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