9 Ways to Use Whiskey In Witchcraft

Using whiskey in witchcraft. Going to use some of these ideas for my left over St. Patrick's Day stash.

As I discovered during my trip to Edinburgh for the Beltane festival last year, the people of Scotland and Ireland are masterful hands at the art of whiskey production.

And while it endures as a traditional drink for St. Patrick’s Day, its golden amber hue glows warmly with magical and metaphysical properties.

So if you plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year with a splash of this legendary liquid potion, save a little for your spell craft and try one of the ideas below.

Exorcism and Warding off Evil Spirits

The legendary tale of St. Patrick and the innkeeper goes something like this:

A innkeeper once poured St. Patrick a stingy glass of whiskey.  Miffed, St. Patrick informed the innkeeper that a satanic spirit haunted his cellar.  The only way to rid his dwelling of the evil apparition required him to fill each of his customer’s glasses to the brim.

The innkeeper obliged, and St. Patrick promptly informed him the spirit left the premises.

This charming tale speaks to whiskey’s power of exorcism.

If you’re a paranormal investigator, or you’re dealing with weird vibes of your own, anoint windows, doors and/or the lowest level of your home with whiskey to chase away negative entities.

Leave Some for the Fairies

Whether you call them faeries or simple good vibes, legend has it the friendly woodland spirits who dwell in the thickets of the natural landscape around you love the amber stuff.

On your next outdoor woodland ritual, pour some as an offering to the fairies.  Ask them for small favors, like helping your find a lost set of keys or encouraging your spring seedlings to sprout.

Funerary Rites

Whiskey is a traditional drink for mourning.

Toast the recently departed with a generous glass, pour some on a loved one’s grave or serve it at a Samhain dumb supper to honor the dead.

Or, bury a bottle as an offering to your ancestors when seeking their guidance and protection.

To Promote Change or Transformation

Use whiskey as a base for potions intended to promote change or transformation.

Perfect for spells to loosen yourself from a stubborn rut, break bad habits or move on from a situation that no longer suits you.

Just be careful!  Go to far and you risk finding yourself in a state of instability!

For Banishing

Whiskey makes a great carrier alcohol for banishing infusions.

Drop a stick of cinnamon in a small Mason jar and pour in enough whiskey to cover it.  Allow the infusion to cure at least overnight, or for several days.  Consider leaving it in the moonlight if the weather is mild.

Use the infusion in rituals for banishing.

In Mabon Apple Tarts

Plan to make an Irish apple tart for Mabon this year.

The combination of ingredients touches on many of the themes for this harvest festival.

Use an authentic Irish whiskey and local apples for a truly magical meal that captures the spirit of the season perfectly!

To Bless Friends

Add whiskey to a magical gift basket to bless friendships for warmth and endurance.

This hearty drink is perhaps best known for drawing people together and encouraging merriment!

Throw in some cocktail ingredients, a bundle of fresh rosemary (or other “friendship” herbs) and a couple of whiskey glasses for an American twist on an Irish classic.

Heal Old Emotional Wounds

Did you know whiskey was originally used primarily for its medicinal properties?

Of course, we since developed much more reliable, safer methods for the treatment of colic!

But its metaphysical healing properties may still be used in ritual arts.  Add whiskey to potions for healing old emotional wounds that stubbornly rear their ugly heads from time to time.

In Ritual Floorwash

If you use a moisture-resistant, hard surface for your ritual area, add  1 part whiskey to 10 parts of your homemade magical floor wash to increase potency.

Perfect for use before and after communication with ancestors, to clear negative energy and for use before and after banishing rituals.

Blessed be.

Some creative ways to use whiskey in witchcraft.  Perfect for whatever you have left over from St. Patrick's Day.

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