Green Witch: 17 Books for the Beginning Magical Herbalist

Are you an aspiring green witch or hedge witch? Get started on your path to natural magic with these witchy reads.

Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essentiall Oils and More

This comprehensive guide covers a full range of green witch topics, including herbal baths, healing teas, and plant-based spell bags. 

A great overview or starting off point to gauge your specific areas of interest in the green arts.

Pick this one up if you feel overwhelmed by the plethora of more focused books on herbalism.

Healing Magic: A Green Witch’s Guide to Conscious Living by Robin Rose Bennett and Susun S. Weed

From creative chant ideas to a holistic approach to everyday living.  This book takes an intelligent, thoughtful approach to the art of natural living.  Pick it up for some fresh ideas on how to make your magical life a little greener. 

Everyday Natural:  Living a Pure and Simple Life is Not as Complicated as You Think by Jacqueline Ritz

For the country-girl green witch, Ritz offers us an uncluttered introduction to simple, natural living.

If you aspire to the homesteading lifestyle, this book presents a glimpse of how to make that happen.  Use this manual to focus on detoxing your home, making more from scratch and taking the time to enjoy the pure things in life.

Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year by Mandy Mitchell

If you love the idea of living seasonally, but don’t come from a Wiccan background, this book is for you.  Simple, approachable and homey, Mitchell brings you through the journey of the annual cycles without touching a spoke on the Wheel of the Year.

Traditional and Magical Herbalism

Modern Herbal Dispensary:  A Medicine-Making Guide by Thomas Easley

Its progressive style moves from the easy to the advanced, pacing the reader into a incrementally higher knowledge base.

I always recommend caution when trying to treat ailments at home.  But knowing how and why herbal medicine works the way it does is an essential skill for any green witch.

Even if you aren’t comfortable treating yourself (totally understandable!), knowledge is power.  If you opt to seek alternative health care, for example, it’s useful to know what approaches a licensed herbalist might take, and how to make informed decisions regarding your health.

The Master Book of Herbalism </a>by Paul Beyerl

A true classic.

I recommend this one often!

Beyerl offers the rare combination of a guide that includes both the magical and medicinal properties of common herbs.

(I like it enough that I also included this one on my list of 25 Books to Nourish Your Inner Witch). 

Natural Beauty and Self-Care

Plant-Powered Beauty:  The Essential Guide to Using Natural Ingredients for Health, Wellness and Personal Skincare by Amy Galper

Creating your own natural beauty and skincare products makes learning about herbs and oils fun. 

As a bonus, people love receiving homemade personal care items as gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays and holidays. 

This book introduces the reader to the basics of how and why to make things like mouthwash, masks, moisturizers, and everything else.  Literally, replace your whole toxic, store-bought bathroom cabinet one piece at a time.

Whole Beauty:  Daily Rituals and Natural Recipes for Lifelong Beauty and Wellness by Shiva Rose

Using the principles of the Indian medicinal tradition, Ayurveda, this book emphasizes beauty from the inside out.

While not specifically pagan, the focus on ritualism naturally appeals to the green witch.

A lovely addition to your green witch bookshelf! 

Magical Gardening

Garden Witchery:  Magic From the Ground Up by Ellen Dugan

Get to know your garden in a new way!  If you feel drawn to the path of the green witch, you likely already love to toil away in the dirt.

But when you bring your magical self into your yard work, it takes on a new dimension.   Dugan’s fresh, enchanting style inspires even the most wary green thumb to get digging.

The Edible Balcony by Alex Mitchell

Are you a green witch struggling to live naturally in the middle of a busy, city based life?

Not all of us live quietly nestled in a remote cottage surrounded by lush woodlands.

Take heart!  The challenge of balcony gardens can be rewarding and fun!

While the author of this book doesn’t specifically address witchcraft or magical practice, the tips here on growing things in a small space easily adapt to a magical garden.  Toss a couple gemstones in your potted rosemary and you’re good to go!

Garden Witch’s Herbal: Green Magick, Herbalism and Spirituality by Ellen Dugan

This beautifully illustrated guide to green magic reminds me of a charming family spell book passed down from grandmother to granddaughter.

Dugan covers things like incorporating color magic in your garden, thinking out garden designing in a magical way, and how to attract faeries and butterflies into your garden space.


South East Foraging:  120 Wild & Flavorful Edibles from Angelica to Wild Plums by Chris Bennett

I selected this link because I actually live in the South East, but the Regional Foraging Series also offers books on:

Southwest Foraging

-Pacific Northwest Foraging

Midwest Foraging

-Mountain States Foraging

Learning to forage skillfully is arguably the most valuable skill for a green witch.  And if you’re far enough out of civilization to get really high quality plants away from the pollution of highways and major cities, your phone probably won’t work.

So get a good field guide!

Natural Cooking for Healing

Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health:  175 Teas, Tonics, Oils, Salves, Tinctures and Other Natural Remedies for the Entire Family by Rosemary Gladstar

Learn to work with tonics and tinctures with a modern approach to the arts of a wisewoman. 

Beloved by many herbalists, this book gets five-stars out of over 650 reviews on Amazon. 

Its rave reviews speak to Gladstar’s deep knowledge of holistic health and her well-rounded approach to living a more natural lifestyle.

Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients Into Foods & Remedies that Heal

If you like combining the healing arts with your kitchen magic, check out this wildly popular guide on how to start using food as medicine.

Many find this book especially useful for beginners because the author focuses on common, easy-to-find herbs.  You need not order a bunch of exotic apothecary-quality plants to get started using the suggestions here right away.

 If you love magic, nature walks and cooking from scratch, you're a natural green witch in the making! Check out these clever witchy reads and get started on the path to a more magical life!

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