Veil Between Worlds Samhain Tarot Spread

Reach through The Veil and receive a message from your ancestors with this Samhain tarot spread.

The fabric that separates us from the spiritual realm, known as the  “Veil Between Worlds,” thins during the quiet, reflective time leading up to Samhain.

Wield this uniquely charged atmosphere to connect with and learn from the “ghosts” or energy of those who came before you.

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Setting the Mood for Your Samhain Spread

Taking the time annually to connect with the dead is a healthy part of spiritual life.

While we in the Western world tend to shy away from morbid topics like death, honoring those who have passed is good spiritual hygiene.

If you have someone in particular in mind when you draw this spread, consider pulling photographs or other mementos that remind you of that person.

Consider casting a circle of protection to guard your sacred space from negative entities that might see your openness as an opportunity to cross over and cause trouble.  Or, use whatever methods appropriate to your tradition.

Try burning cinnamon incense for its association with protection, divination and the afterlife.

Position 1 (Far Left):  The Ghost of Whom

This card represents the person, entity or ghost trying to communicate with you from the other side.  If the card you draw here is a court card, look to qualities of the court character to give you an idea of who this might be.  In the case of the example spread, I looked to the image itself.  This could represent twins, or a young girl or woman with a split personality.

Position 2 (Top Center):  The Other Side

This card represents your understanding of the afterlife.

Squint through the murky, dreamlike haze of your unconscious mind and take a moment to reflect on your deepest fears and beliefs about what lies beyond this life.

Is that place dark or light?  Or an interplay of both?

Does that understanding encourage you to strive for a full, meaningful life?

Or does it paralyze your ambitions?

Position  3 (Center):  What Connects You

This card symbolizes the astral “thread” that connects you with the spirit of the ghost trying to communicate with you.  Perhaps it is a a common ancestor, a chosen profession or a special spiritual gift that you share.

Position 4 (Bottom Center):  Message From Beyond

This card symbolizes a message from the other side of the Veil.  Look for clues in this card to uncover any unconscious thoughts or suppressed dreams that might be useful to furthering your progress in this life.

Be open-minded.  Try to look for what’s there, not what you want to see.

The first step to changing your course is to recognize where it’s headed.

Position 5 (Far Right):  Where You Stand on Your Side of the Veil

This card signifies where you stand in this life, and how you relate to those spirits that have passed on.

What is your relationship with loved ones or entities that crossed over?  Is it positive, negative or non-existent?

Samhain is a time in particular to honor those who have crossed over in the last year.  If you lost someone, have you properly mourned yet?  Or is that still an ongoing process?

If you lost no one this year, have you taken the time to honor those you’ve lost in year’s past recently?

Send the Spirit on Its Way

If your tradition calls for it, use whatever method you like to clear any residual energy and send the spirit on its way.

The most common method involves burning a sage bundle or other energy-clearing incense. Then, open the windows and doors to air out the space.

You may also try anointing the entryways with an appropriate essential oil.

Pay careful attention to your dreams over the next few days and take note of any further insights that come to you.





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  1. I would love to know what the name of this Tarot Deck is! I love it! I thoroughly enjoy your articles. Very informative with great ideas.

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