10 Ways to Use the Color Red in Love Spells & Attraction Magic

With Valentine’s just a couple of weeks away, and Lupercalia season moving in, bring the color red into your spell work to evoke the power of rebel hearts and reckless love.

10 Ways to Use the Color Red in Witchcraft and Love Spells

Leave red rose petals in your wake. 

You know the whole trail of rose petals in the bedroom thing?  That’s ancient witchcraft.  Cleopatra filled her bed chamber with the “temptress blossoms” when Mark Antony came knocking. For more ideas on how to use this divinely beguiling floral, check out 5 Magical Ways to Use Roses.

Charge some red lip gloss under the full moon. 

I love cute little makeup spells.  This one is both classic and simple.  Lay a tube of red lip gloss under the full moon and then wear it to draw passion into your life.

Burn red candles on a love altar. 

Currently on the dating scene?  Burn red candles on your altar to conjure an alluring, amorous energy around you.

Wear garnet jewelry. 

This deeply scarlet gemstone pulses with passionate energy.  Especially powerful for an Aquarius or Capricorn born in January (the garnet is their birthstone).

Add some pizazz to an attraction ritual with red smoke bombs in the cauldron. 

Nothing dramatizes a ritual like smoke bombs.  I stock up every year during the Fourth of July and I use them in different colors all year round.

Make red mojo bags for love. 

Personally, I like to do them in nifty heart shapes and give them away for Valentine’s.  Because I’m cute like that.  Check out How to Make Heat Activated Spell Sachets for some inspiration.

Heart shaped mojo bags and spell sachets.

Put red sheets on the bed. 

Then anoint the four corners of the bed with cinnamon, rose and/vanillia essential oil.  Trust me, girl.  It creates a vibe.

Include red berries in kitchen witch spells for love & attraction.

Raspberries, cherries & strawberries make appropriate threads to weave into the tapestry of a well-cooked kitchen love spell.  Need ideas?  Try this Strawberry & Chocolate spell.

red raspberries and witchcraft

Plant a red apple tree to bless a marriage.  

Red apples symbolize the longevity of lifelong romance.  Plant a red apple tree in the garden, bury a copy of your marriage vows with the roots and tend to it as you would your spouse’s heart.  (This makes an awesome handfasting gift!)

Tie together a bundle of romance herbs with red ribbon. 

Tie a bundle of rosemary, dried roses and/or cinnamon sticks with red ribbon and hang it in the bedroom to stoke the flames of passion.

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