5 Reasons to Follow Moody Moons on Instagram

Did you know Moon Moons just launched an Instagram?  I know!  Super exciting!  Here are 5 reasons to follow for a visual experience only Moody Moons can deliver.

Follow Moody Moons on Instagram

So, you already follow Moody Moons on Facebook and you follow Moody Moons on Pinterest.

And just like those two platforms, Moody Moons on IG offers content you won’t find anywhere else..

Get the sneak peak.

I post sneak peaks of upcoming posts on Instagram to give you the scoop before anyone else.

Look behind the scenes.

Take a look at my working altar or  my process when I make things for my clients on my handmade site.  Follow me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes photo shoots, crafts and kitchen witch experiments.

Hit the road with me.

I like to live in the moment on the road, so I rarely post travel updates until I arrive home.

But Instagram makes posting on the go a snap (see what I did there?)

Have a drink in the hotel bar with me and take a glimpse at my next travel post.

See the outtakes.

Did you know 99% of the photos on this website I took/edited myself?  I make it a high priority to produce quality, original content.  That means hours of booking models, designing sets and editing images.

And many, many discarded photos!  Not everything makes the cut, but some are still worthy of a look.

I’ll be posting these on Instagram!

Keep magic in your every day life.

Just scrolling past witchy content keeps you in touch with the Wheel of the Year, reminds you to celebrate the Esbats and inspires you to create your own seasonal journey.  You only get so many moons in your life.  Make the most of them all!

Magical Moody Moons Handmade Crafts

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