20 Wiccan, Witchy & Pagan Names for Boys

Pregnant?  In search of a witchy or pagan names for boys?  Whether you identify as a witch, neopagan or simply want to connect your child to his spiritual heritage, check out the list below for some unique ideas!

Although I specified “boy names,” many of these sound pretty gender neutral, so feel free to use them for a girl!

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Roman God of the sky and thunder.  I love this name!  It evokes all the majesty its heritage.


Cool for a baby born under unique astrological circumstances, like on the cusp or during mercury in retrograde.


Powerful and cryptic, this name conveys a sense of mystery and spiritual meaning.


The hypnotic, spiritual state of being mesmerized.  Reminds me of that faraway look in every newborn’s eyes.


From the Latin word literally meaning “the light.”


Some practitioners use this beautiful, richly colored spice in sun magic.  Perfect for a fire sign!


A powerfully psychedelic herb used in love and protection spells.  As a bonus, “Drake” for short sounds more “normal” at school or work.


This one seems a little obvious, but I love the way it sounds.


Comes from the word for the mysterious stones erected all over Western Europe.  Historians theorize prehistoric people used these monuments to mark the seasons and for sacred rites.


Pronounced like “Malcolm,” without the M.  Abbreviated from the word alchemy.


A protective green stone said to bring luck and fortune.  Really beautiful for a baby with green eyes.


A reference to the special relationship many pagans have with the moon.


Consider “Conner” for short.  I can’t think of a more magical word!


I guess you could theoretically use any of the zodiac signs for a name (except Cancer—-just no) but Gemini has a ring to it.   Consider this one for a twin!


Egyptian god of the moon.  Unlike our more familiar neopagan attitudes, the Egyptians considered the moon a masculine entity.  The name means “traveler” and is believed to refer to the moon’s nocturnal journey across the sky.


Refers to the pagan society of pre-Columbian America.  Beautiful for a baby with South American roots.


The sacred rattle of Haitian voodoo.  The saying “to be given asson” refers to the ascension of a practitioner to priesthood.


Refers to sacredness of the unbridled human spirit.


This one is on my list for girls, but I think it works equally well for both genders.  A variation on the word for the ancient divination technique of scrying.


The king of the faeries in Renaissance literature.  I think wistfully of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream when I hear it.




Voodoo Authentica



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