Ostara with a Kitchen Witch: Haitian French Toast

At least a few times a year, I try to feature a Sabbat recipe for the kitchen witch.

This year, I chose to feature this recipe for Haitian french toast.  We’re going to go through it to talk about the meaning of each key ingredient and how it relates to Ostara.

(Haiti, by the way, has a long, rich tradition of Afro-Caribbean witchcraft, but that’s another post for another day.)

The recipe calls for French bread, but I chose to use some of my own homemade bread instead.


On the practical side, if you make you’re own bread, you probably know that while it’s delicious and much healthier than store-bought versions, the downside is that it goes stale fast, so I’m always looking for ways to use stale bread.  Since French toast ideally is made from stale bread, it’s a go-to of mine.

This unique recipe is sweetened with orange juice.  I decided to fresh squeeze mine for a bright flavor.  Oranges are a perfect sun symbol in wicca, making them an ideal ingredient in an Ostara recipe.  Ostara is a time to celebrate the glowing of the sun’s life-giving light, which will become stronger from now until the Summer Solstice.


Of course, no Ostara recipe would be complete without the inclusion of some eggs.


If you’ve made even a cursory study of this Sabbat, you know that eggs are the classic symbol of fertility for Ostara.  The origins of the Easter egg are tied in with this Old World tradition.

Fresh cream is also a fantastic addition to a Spring Equinox meal.  Cream symbolizes the newly born spring livestock, which live exclusively on mother’s milk for the first weeks and months of life.


This recipe also calls for cinnamon, the spiritual properties of which we have already discussed at length in this post.

And there you have it.  A delicious morning meal to celebrate the first spring holiday.


Optional additions include high-seed content fruit garnishes, like strawberries or raspberries.  Enjoy!

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