Ostara Altar

Ostara is one of my favorite Sabbats!  Spring is here, the air is fresh, the grass is green, and I love doing the altar to welcome the new season.

You might notice some items from last year, but I try to change up the way I use them and I always add a few new touches.  I started with this pastel altar cloth.  The bright, fresh color automatically calls to mind the vibrancy of spring.


This year, I am all about mushrooms.  I went mushroom hunting over last summer, which really sparked in interest in the local varieties, so I wanted to represent that new part of my practice on the spring altar.


Naturally, no Ostara altar is complete without the prominent feature of plenty of eggs and nests!


And of course, at least one bunny, which, like eggs, symbolizes the fertility of the earth during spring.


The carrots are arranged around the feet of the spring goddess as a symbolic offering.


I also always have lady bug on the spring and summer altars, which are among my favorite warm-weather creatures.  In the fall, we had one that found its way into our house and stayed for several months.  She’d pop up randomly when I was cleaning or whatever.  I just left her alone.  This is my nod to that little visitor.  We miss you!


For more ideas to celebrate Ostara, check out my tag section dedicated to this festive holiday.

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