Sea Witch Candle DIY Craft Idea

Easy DIY sacred candle for your sea witch altar or ocean magic spells. Perfect for water signs or ocean-dwelling witches!

Summer is a time to reflect on the power of the ocean and its sacred relationship to the moon.

Whether you maintain a sea witch altar or just like to indulge in marine magic, this altar candle is a soul-calming spiritual way to draw the energy of the ocean into your magical practice.

Sea Witch Candle

This craft is fun and requires no candle making skills whatsoever.  (Although learning to make candles for spellcraft is a fun and useful skill). 

Things you will need:

*white, blue or pale green pillar candle

*lighter or additional candle (for open flame)

*finely ground sea salt

*dried mugwort

*dried lavender

*carrier oil (I used olive oil)

*5 drops spearmint essential oil

*3 drops eucalyptus essential oil

*2 drops lemongrass essential oil

*4 drops lavender essential oil

*bowl of beach sand

*optional:  sea treasures (seashells, sea moss, driftwood, ect)

Step 1

In a small bowl, combine sea salt, dried lavender and mugwort.

Step 2

Holding the pillar candle by the ends with tongs, carefully lightly melt the outside of the candle over an open flame.  You only need to do this until most of the sides of the candle glisten.  Be careful to only hold it close enough to the flame to heat it.  Do not put it directly in the flame so as not to catch it on fire.

Step 3

On a piece of tin foil or other fire-safe disposable surface, scatter the mugwort/lavender/salt mixture.  While the candle is still soft on the outside, roll it in the herbal salt mixture so that the herbs stick to the outside.

Step 4

Place the candle in a bowl of beach sand.

Step 6

In a small bottle, blend the lemongrass, eucalyptus, lavender, and spearmint essential oils with the olive oil.

Anoint the candle with the oil.  (If you have any leftovers, you can use this for other sea witch projects).

Step 7

Optionally, surround your candle with hand-foraged items from the sea.  Sea glass, driftwood, seashells, stones, fish bones, or even fish hooks can be nice additions.

How to use your sea witch candle.

Incorporate this altar candle into any ritual or spell you like.  Try these:

-Burn it to help relieve stress and anxiety

-Use it to evoke the Element of Water or the Western corner of your circle

-Burn it to balance emotions or reduce friction in interpersonal relationships

-Use it during moon rituals to evoke the relationship between the lunar cycles and the ocean.

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