Honeysuckle: Magical Uses for Spellcraft

How to use honeysuckle in spells, witchcraft and magic. Remember all those sweet summer afternoons you spent as a child plucking honeysuckle for that single drop of sunshine?

Honeysuckle is magic in a flower.  Remember all those sweet summer afternoons you spent plucking it from the vine just to taste that single drop of sunshine on your tongue? 

This graceful, sweeping vine tangles itself in roadside wastelands, neglected shrubbery, and abandoned buildings.  It reclaims lost pieces of our world and makes from them a natural kind of glory.

Learn how to incorporate the humble honeysuckle into your summer magic.

Where to find it

This flower grows near the hedges of the woodlands and can be found easily on roadsides or abandoned properties.

 While most varieties of honeysuckle are invasive and abundant, and therefore highly resistant to overharvesting, it often attaches itself to rarer or more vulnerable plants.   Take care when foraging not to damage the foilage around it.  

You may also very easily propagate this flower from cuttings and grow it in your magical garden!

Magical Correspondences

This sweet, pastel-yellow flower is associated with:


young love

-eternal beauty

-sun magic

-the Summer Solstice

It is therefore well-suited to spells and rituals for any of those intentions.  Here’s some ideas for how creatively incorporate it into your magical practice.

Honeysuckle in Spells, Magic & Witchcraft

This abundant flower is a powerful component in sun spells, depression spells, and spells to draw prosperity.

It is also seasonal to the Summer Solstice and a perfect addition to your Litha altar if you celebrate!

Sun Magic

As noted above, honeysuckle literally tastes like sunshine.

Use it in sun magic as a symbol of the power of light.  

For example, surround a yellow candle or The Sun tarot card with honeysuckle garlands to draw worldly success into your life.  

Happiness & Spells to Dispel Depression

Honeysuckle dispels darkness and low mood, helping to usher in joy.  

In particular, it’s a great spell ingredient in magic intended to inspire childlike wonder and curiosity.  

So, if you’ve felt low, unmotivated or otherwise uninspired, try adding a handful of honeysuckle flowers to your ritual bath to immerse yourself in love, light, joy and wonder.

Faerie Magic & Gardens

Cultivate this flower in your magical garden to attract the fae or woodland spirits.

Or, leave it as an offering on a tree stump to the unseen spirit world to help you find a lost item or to be granted a small favor.

Your Litha Altar

Litha candle magic

Surround candles with this flower and place them on your Summer Solstice altar, or dry it and add it to your loose incense blend for ritual.

Beauty Spells

The ancient Greeks associated honeysuckle with eternal youth and beauty.

Add the dried flowers to oils, incense, or sachets to enhance natural allure and draw out your inner goddess.

Love Spells

Use all parts of this plant—from root to stem to flower, to love spells.  Particularly, it’s best used in love spells to encourage love to “blossom” or “flower” if in the early stages of romance.


Invasive plants like the honeysuckle lend themselves well to spells for wealth multiplication and success.

Burn it in dried form in your cauldron or boil it on the stove to attract abundance into your life.  


How to use honeysuckle in spells and magic. Includes correspondences and folklore.

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