Full Moon Journal Prompts

Full moon journal prompts to inspire magic in your lunar cycle.

These full moon journal prompts are a perfect way to celebrate the majesty of the lunar cycles.

Even if you don’t have time to do an elaborate full moon ritual, taking the time to settle in with your journal or Book of Shadows is a lovely, easy way to make the most of this sacred night.

Finding yourself in the dark.

Begin your journal entry with a question:  “What is the beauty in darkness?”  

In the context of personal spirituality, we often talk about “finding the light.”  But what about the beauty of darkness?  What have you learned there?  What is special, or sacred, about feeling your way around the night? 

Interpret the question any way you want to.  There is no right or wrong way to approach it.

Secret beliefs . . . or non-beliefs.

Do you believe something that others might consider silly, frivolous, or even a little nutty?  

Or maybe, you don’t buy into something that other people around you believe fervently.

Talk about the things you believe in secret, and honor this special part of your most honest self.

“If my dreams were a painting, who would be the artist?”

This is a great question if you happen to be exploring dream work right now.

Think about the “style” or “aesthetic” of your dreams.  Are they more Edvard Munch or Frida Khalo?

This moon cycle last year.

Where were you a year ago this same moon cycle?  What’s changed?

Are you happy with your progress?  Where do you hope to be this moon cycle next year?

What do your spell goals not say about you?

When we think of our magical intentions (or any goals, really), it’s easy to see what we want.

But it’s not always easy to see what we need.

What are your spell goals not addressing?  Is there something you need more of in your life that’s getting overshadowed by what you want?

Write a spell to address that.

Do you know a witch who doesn’t know it herself?

Do you know someone in your life who is obliviously magical?  Someone who doesn’t think of herself as a witch, but sure seems like one to you?

Maybe it’s an herbalist who always knows how to soothe your rosacea.  Or your grandmother, who knows which direction to walk around the mountain just by looking at the mushrooms?

What is this person like, and what secretly sacred knowledge can you learn from?

What’s the most magical place you’ve been to this moon cycle?

Whether you’re full-time worldschooling your kids or you just went to an enchanted corner of your mind to write some poetry, what’s the most magical place you went to this moon cycle?

What made it different from your mundane experience?

What element is your mood made of?

Are you feeling more earth, water, fire, or wind?  

Use the elements as a metaphor for your mood, and explore what qualities of that element you’re most connected to right now.

How is it serving you?  Is there a way to harness that power more positively?

Happy lunar cycle, people.

Full moon journal prompts for moon magic and spellcraft.

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