4-Ingredient Summer Solstice Ritual Oil

It's summer in a bottle! Make this Summer Solstice ritual oil on the night of Litha to use in summer ritual baths, anoint candles for your Midsummer ritual or to bless the garden for an abundant harvest. Celebrate the light!

This Summer Solstice ritual oil recipe is like capturing light in a bottle.  

Making your own ritual oils for Sabbats is a beautiful way to impart your personal energy into your spiritual practice. 

This DIY Summer Solstice ritual oil infuses any summer experience with the magic and whimsy of the season.

Summer Solstice Ritual Oil Uses

There are many ways to use your Midsummer oil.  

Try any of these ides:

-Incorporate this oil in your solitary Litha ritual.

-Add it your ritual bath to take bathtime from mundane to magical.

-Anoint your body with ritual oil to surround yourself with the essence of summer.

-Pour a little ritual oil in the forest as an offering to the woodland spirits.

Magical Correspondences 

Of course, all the items in this recipe are specific to the spirit of the Summer Solstice.  Light, abundance, and the fullness of love are all things that make it magical.

Sunflower Oil 

Midsummer is a celebration of the fullness of light and warmth.  Sunflowers are the ultimate sun symbol, and an obvious choice as a carrier oil in this blend.  

However, you can sub olive oil, which is also infused with light energy.  (Although it does have a stronger scent that doesn’t blend quite as neutrally with the essential oils).


Mugwort is a classic magical ingredient.  Even the name sounds like something a witch would stir in her cauldron.

It also grows abundantly during the summer season, especially near wastelands and even between the cracks in the sidewalk.  But if you can’t find any where you live (or you’re not comfortable identifying it yourself!), you can always get some (affiliate link —>) dried mugwort on Amazon.

Orange Essential Oil

Oranges are a potent solar correspondence.  The orange itself actually looks like the deep color of the setting sun, which is a perfect metaphor for the waning light that begins on the night of the Solstice.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has a powerful connection to bees, which are mystical creatures and sacred to the summer season.  

We add lavender here also for its tendency to promote powerful spiritual awareness and open your “second sight.”  Midsummer is a time when the Veil Between Worlds is thought to be more open.  It’s an ideal time to pass messages along to loved ones on the other side of the Veil or connect with the spirit world.

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-2 ounces of sunflower oil

-handful of fresh mugwort (or 2 tablespoons dried mugwort)

-15 drops orange essential oil

-10 drops lavender essential oil

Step 1

In a small saucepan, warm sunflower oil over medium-low heat.  Add mugwort and steep for 5-10 minutes.

Remove from heat and strain out mugwort.  Allow the infusion to cool slightly before proceeding with the next steps.

Step 2

Add orange essential oil and lavender essential oil.  Stir slowly for about 20 seconds.

Step 3

Store in a pretty bottle for up to 3 months.  Consider adding a decorative charm that represents summer (bees, dragonflies, butterflies, etc.)

Happy Solstice, everyone!

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Make the most of the Summer Solstice and bottle it! Try this DIY Litha ritual oil and add it to your bathwater, anoint your altar or use it in your Summer Solstice ritual.

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