10 Magical Uses for Lavender

It’s everyone’s favorite herb.  It smells heavenly, it burns beautifully and it looks lovely.  And you probably have a ton of it just waiting to be used.  Here’s some ideas for putting it to work.

Dream Salves

Dream pillows and sachets are a common magical craft for promoting powerful visions and insights or to ward off nightmares during your sleep sessions,

Lesser known (and perhaps more potent) are dreaming salves.  These creams are infused with herbs and essential oils especially intended to make your dream life a sacred experience.

Try this recipe for mint & lavender dream salve for a mystical nighttime indulgence.

Calming Ritual Bath Blends

Imbolc DIY Oatmeal & Honey Milk Bath with Lavender

Add lavender to ritual baths to promote calm, insight, and spiritual healing.

Try this oatmeal and lavender milk bath to soothe your soul and open up your second sight.

To ease conflict or turmoil.

If you’ve had a difficult confrontation with a friend, family member, or co-worker lately, lavender helps to ease relationship tension.

Dilute some lavender essential oil in a carrier oil like olive or jojoba.  Then, rub it on your heart center to help keep your emotions in check and maintain your grace.

Bonus:  You’ll also smell super pretty.

Kitchen Witch Spells

Lavender is both magically powerful and edible.  Which makes it an ideal ingredient in kitchen witch recipes.

Try making lavender syrup for a cocktail potion.  

Or, use dried lavender on these flower cookies.

Burn It During Meditation

This herb is a powerful aid for visualization as well as focusing your thoughts.

Ignite lavender in a fire-safe bowl or cauldron during meditation to promote clairvoyance and open your third sight.

In Faerie Cream

Spell creams: The new trend in witchy self-care.

Use this beautiful floral to honor the spirits of the woodlands.

Try this recipe for faerie spell cream and use it generously to encourage connection to the unseen world of spirits.

In glamour spells

This flower is known for its swan-like energy.  Add lavender to spells for beauty, grace and elegance.  An ideal ingredient in glamour spells to enhance your natural poise.

Make incense wands out of it.

Use lavender in floral incense wands.  You can mix it with other blooms or make them from lavender alone.  Either way, they are a gorgeous addition and the dried flowers smell beautiful when burned.

Home blessing after a disruption.

How to use lavender in magic, ritual and spell craft.

The calming effects of this herb are profoundly soothing after periods of unrest in the home.

This could be a period after a heated argument (all families argue sometimes, let’s be honest!)

But it could just be the period of time after someone moves in or out.  Even when this is a positive thing (kids go away to college, new roommate in your flat) it is still disruptive and a little magical energy to settle the vibrations can be helpful.

Make flower crowns for festivals. 

You know those flower crowns you see at moon circles and festivals?  They’re super easy to make, and flower crowns made from lavender are especially beautiful for summer events.

Best done with fresh lavender, this flower can be made into flower crowns and it dries really well.  These instructions are for a winter hair wreath, but you can do the same with lavender.  For best results, use fresh flowers!

10 Ways to Use Lavender in Spells, Magic and Witchcraft


  1. I have some left over lavender and spring rain water. Now I have an idea about what to do with them. Thanks!

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