Why Making Magical Friends is Important to Your Spiritual Growth

How making magical friends can ignite spiritual growth and jumpstart your journey in the Craft.

Making magical friends has never been easier.  Over the last three decades, the digital world has shattered many of the former barriers to networking with other practitioners—mainly the code of silence that kept most covens an underground secret.

Before specialized social media groups and in-person applications like Odd Circles, your choices were pretty limited.  If you were lucky, you might have an occult shop in town.  And maybe they offered an open ritual for the moon, or whatever.  But those places tended to cater to a clientele that was, uh, very specific and maybe not your crowd.

But things are different in 2023.  There are options.  You can find your people.  And not just “witchcraft people” but your people.  Maybe you’re a teen witch and you want to find people interested in your spiritual path and you don’t want to hang out with a bunch of middle-aged women.  Or maybe you’re a thirty-something mom of three and you’re more into new-age-y Gwenyth Paltrow Goop stuff.

Even if you consider yourself a hardcore solitary witch, there are still many benefits to finding at least one or two friends who share your interests,  Here’s why.

Connections speed up your learning curve.

Your brain absorbs information best when you combine solo study time with group learning.

Even if you have no interest in joining a coven, you will pick up so much just by being around someone who is also a practitioner.  This is true even if that person has less experience than you.  Because we all tend to have different specialties.  

Maybe you are fluent in the tarot, and your friend is a whiz at herbalism.  Or maybe you love kitchen witchery and your friend is super witch-crafty.

Whatever your jam, chances are, your friends are good at other things, and learning from them makes expanding your knowledge base much faster and easier.

Interested in becoming a professional witch?  Start networking.  Now.

Want to start reading tarot for cash?  Organize magical group retreats?  Become a handfasting officiant?

If at any point, you want to turn your passion for the magical arts into a real job, you better start getting connected with your community. 

It is way, way, waaaaaaay easier to promote your new business if you have genuine connections in your community first.  

Cold-pitching an idea to someone who barely know makes that person feel like they’re getting sold something they may not want.  But enlisting someone you already have even a casual relationship with makes them feel like they’re helping out a friend.

Think about it.  Which would you rather do?

Expand your tunnel vision.

If you spend all your time isolated in your spiritual journey, it becomes easy to get set in your ways.

You stagnate, get bored, and eventually, stop growing.

You also start to see things your way and I’m telling you, there’s a whole magical world out there.  Whatever your stereotype of a witch is, every possible variation exists.  Whether it’s the stay-at-home-moms at your kid’s swim meet, your corporate-looking office manager, or your bouncy, blonde neighbor who goes swing-dancing with her boyfriend on the weekends, literally everyone you know fits the “stereotype” of a witch—and you might be surprised to discover that some of them actually are.

Spirituality is about being connected.

As solitary witches, we tend to think of spirituality as a very private thing.  And it can be.

But it can’t be totally devoid of human connection.  Even if you consider yourself introverted, needing alone time is not the same thing as being isolated.

Finding someone, even one person, to walk with you on your journey in the Craft, is an amazing way to enrich your trip through this strange and beautiful world.

How making witchy friends speeds your spiritual growth.

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