The Meaning of Crows in Witchcraft

Crows and the folklore surrounding them are deeply intertwined with death, transition, and the realm beyond our physical experience.  

Like a patch of starless sky, these birds act as a porthole between worlds.

Discover the power and beauty of this magical creature, and what it means in modern witchcraft.


Crows inspired nearly every culture surrounded by them.

From the Celts to the Native Americans and the Norse, crows appear in mythology around the world.

Modern witchcraft considers these predatory beauties for their value in spellcraft and ritual.

Here are some of the ways to think about them in the context of magic.

As a messenger across the Veil.

Crows are closely associated with death, dying and transition.

Remarkably, these sentient birds appear to actually mourn their dead in the wild.  No one knows exactly why.

Use crow feathers in spells and rituals to connect with the dead.

These birds symbolize our relationship with souls who have crossed over and act as messengers between the living and those beyond the Veil Between Worlds.

Surround a photograph of your ancestor or a loved one who has passed with crow feathers during the month of Samhain to open the Veil and offer your well-wishes to them.  Ask the crow to carry your thoughts over.

During divination.

The crow’s relationship with the spirit world makes it an ideal symbol or focus point during divination.

Particularly during the use of scrying mirrors and meditation for the purpose of deep spiritual insight, use the crow as a focal image.

Before a scrying session, close your eyes and imagine this bird in her full glory.  Picture the tiniest details—the darting, alert eyes, deep black feathers, and the long, pointed beaks.

Ask the crow to assist you in bringing clarity to your scrying practice and to act as a messenger between worlds.

In protection spells.

Crows are cunning and acutely aware of danger.  They adapt quickly to new predators and learn to protect themselves and their young from risky situations.

Add crow feathers to protection spells and rituals, or use the image of a crow on a spell sachet for protection.

For wisdom and increased powers of intellect.

In the last few decades, scientists are finally discovering what mystics and witches have always known:  Animals are smarter than we think they are.

Multiple studies suggest that crows, in particular, possess a much more powerful capacity for learning, planning, and using tools than once believed.

Are you struggling with a personal crisis or a fork in the road?  Use the crow as a symbol or focal point in spells to increase wisdom and aid you in making a better decision.

To create a sense of mystery.

Their deep ebony color, secretive behavior, and surrounding mythology create a sense of wonder and mystery.

If you struggle with resisting the temptation to overshare, gossip, or reveal too much about yourself to strangers and new people, try placing an image of the crow on your altar to create a more profound sense of mystery.

Heighten psychic awareness and insight into the minds of others.

Ravens and crows are deeply connected to each other.  They appear to possess an acute ability to peer into the minds of creatures around them.

Harness this powerful awareness in spells and rituals to read deeply into the intentions of others.

Include symbols of crows in spells to better understand another person’s intentions when they seem unclear.  

To connect more deeply with your shadow self.

While we tend to relish the light, bright side of our souls, we all possess a shadow side.

But if you tend to run from the parts of yourself that scare you, eventually, they catch up.  Avoiding your darker energies only deepens the shadows they cast.

Meditate on the crow to connect with your shadow side.  Unearth the parts of yourself that unsettle you in order to heal old wounds, develop a greater sense of empathy and live with a richer understanding of yourself.

As a sign for solitude.

When the crow appears to you on a nature walk, camping trip, or long drive, it may be a sign that you need some time alone.

Retreat in solitude to rediscover yourself and set aside worldly concerns.

The meaning of crows in witchcraft.

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