How to Use Music in Witchcraft & Magic

Music is, by its very nature, magical.  

The musician is, in her own way, a kind of spellcaster, shaping the emotions, ideas, and moods of her listeners.

Music inspires art, dreams, and the power of enchanted thought.

Learning to incorporate it into your spellcraft comes as naturally as taking a nap in the sun.

If you tend to work your rituals in silence, give music a chance to empower your Craft and drive new light into your practice.

Choosing music for magic.

When selecting a piece for any of the following ideas, allow your intuition to guide you.

Music is a chemical reaction in the brain, and it acts uniquely on everyone.

It doesn’t need to be “witchy” to be magical.  Yes, you can use jazz.  You can use 80’s hair metal.  You can use classical or southern hip hop or Spanish flamenco guitar.  

Your choice is uniquely yours—just like your spellcraft. 

All that matters is the mood and tone that it sets for you.

To induce trance.

The use of music to induce altered states of consciousness is a universal phenomenon.

Some people swear by particular rhythms and specific techniques.  But most trance-inducing music uses steady, progressive rhythms with low variation.

Still, I recommend whatever works for you.

Try sitting in a quiet room at a time when you will not be disturbed.

Close your eyes and imagine synchronizing some part of yourself—your breath, your heartbeat, even the speed of your thoughts—with the rhythm of your chosen music.

Be patient.  Most trancework is built over time, and you will discover you improve with practice.

To set a mood for ritual or spell work.

We all know, intuitively and well, the experience of music moving us to profound emotion, evoking long-forgotten memories, and even changing our perception of time and space.

There is an entire branch of psychology called psychoacoustics (I know, I love that word, too) that examines the effects of music on the mental state.

Use this change in perception to fuel your spell work by playing a piece before your spell that sets a particular tone.

For example, an old, throaty love song before a romance spell, or a calming instrumental before a healing ritual, acts as an introduction to the mood you want to set for your spell.

To build power.

Instead of using music before your spell, try using it during the ritual to build power.

Power building is the process of generating spiritual energy in order to fuel your intentions and energize your magic.

To use music for this purpose, I recommend making your own!

If you sing, try singing something softly and then growing louder.

And if you don’t sing, try drumming.  Start with a slow, steady rhythm and build to something faster.  

When you reach the apex of your music, stop it suddenly and imagine releasing the energy into a spell poppet, jar, or even just the center of your altar space.

To unite the bonds of sisterhood.

If you work in a coven, try using music to unify your group before ritual work.

Music acts as a kind of tuning fork to integrate different personal energies for a collective purpose like a group ritual.

Keep it simple.  Allow one (brave, bold) person in your group to initiate the sound and then encourage everyone else to join in whenever they feel called.  Let them use their voices, personal instruments, or anything they can use to make rhythms and add their energy.

Don’t worry if it sounds like a mess at first.  That’s the point.  You guys are all beginning a ritual from different places.  Just allow this energy to build and blend until you feel like you’re on the same wavelength. 

With practice, you will find that you fall more quickly into your roles over time, and “synching up” your energies comes more naturally.

To enhance a ritual bath.

If you use ritual baths for cleansing or healing, consider incorporating music into the experience to promote a sense of peace and calm.

Choose simple, relaxing pieces and simply notice how they affect your breathing, heart rate, and energy.

In grieving rituals.

Music is especially powerful as a healing tool in grief and grieving rituals.

Choose musical selections that help you to move grief through you and allow you to experience it fully in order to heal and release yourself from the sadness and longing of this phase in life.

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