7 Signs You’re A Natural Sea Witch

Are you a natural sea witch? Check out these 7 signs that you were born to practice nautical magic.

Are you a natural sea witch?

Anyone can learn nautical magic.  But some people were born for it.

Check out these 7 signs that it’s time to discover your inner mermaid.

What is a sea witch?

A sea witch uses the potent energy of the ocean as a force to drive spellcraft, cleanse the soul and renew the spirit.

Ocean magic may be approached as a full-time practice (especially if you live near the water) or merely as an extension of your existing practice to honor the Element of Water.

Many seaside-dwelling witches practice nautical magic without ever giving it that name.

Other practitioners use sea witchery to make the most of their time at the ocean even if they are only able to visit once a year.

The point is not the amount of time you spend there.  It’s about the way you approach it.

#1  The ocean is more than a vacation for you.  It’s a sacred space.

For you, the seaside is more than just a place to indulge in beach cocktails and water sports.

It acts as a temple in your life.

The ocean is a place of healing for you—-a place to soak your (literal and figurative) wounds in saltwater, a place to grieve, and a place to connect with the source of all life.

You find yourself drawn to the ocean to restore yourself during difficult times or to recharge your power, and you leave feeling refreshed and emboldened to face new challenges.

#2  Oceanic mythology fascinates you.

From mermaids to sea monsters, the mythology of seaside cultures pulls you in instinctively.

Whether it’s classic literature or those stories your sailor uncle told you about the haunted waters he floated on during his Navy career, you devour the secrets of the sea as a kind of folkloric delicacy.  

The mystery and majesty of deepwater nautical tales feel like a metaphor for larger life lessons.

#3  You’re a water sign.

It’s not essential, of course.  But if you happen to be a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces), the water is a natural choice for you to base a magical practice.

It’s literally your element.

Deepening your connection to this element also deepens your connection to the stars that guide you.

#4  You feel a kinship with sea animals.

We all (hopefully) feel a sense of heartache when we think of the environmental dangers for sea animals.

But a sea witch sees sea animals as more than just creatures of the ocean.  She appreciates their innate qualities and takes life lessons from them.

The cunning nature of the octopus, the deft grace of a jellyfish, and the quiet stillness of a starfish are all admirable traits for the sea witch to emulate.  

#5  Water helps you find your flow.

Full immersion in water, especially natural bodies of water, helps you to work out the kinks in your soul.

You may even be known to sneak off into the night to take moonlit dips in your closest body of water and enjoy the aquatic solitude of the experience.  

Either way, if immersion in the ocean is your favorite method of ritual cleansing, sea witchery is most definitely your jam, lady.

#6  You bring the ocean home with you.

If your seashell collection is unapologetically excessive and you never leave a shoreline without at least one jar of ocean water to put on your altar, hello.  Your inner mermaid is calling you.

Make the most of your carefully curated collection of seaside treasures and use them as a basis for spell work.

#7  It just makes sense.

If making magic from your connection to the ocean feels like a natural next step, it’s time to step into the world of sea witchery.

Go ahead.  Take a deep dive.

Want to learn more about how to start a sea witch practice?  Check out Moody Moons School of Metaphysical Arts course, Sea Witch 101.

Discover the power of mermaid magic, aka sea witchcraft, with this introductory online course for beginners.

Nautical magic harnesses the power of the ocean to supercharge spell work and refresh the soul.  Check out these signs that you're a natural sea witch.

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