Cute Witch Art Project for Kids

This ridiculously easy moon witch art project is fun to do with kids, witchlettes or just because.

Even if you never touched a paintbrush before, I promise, this one is doable.  

With a few basic supplies from your local craft store or the Dollar Tree, you’ll have all you need to create a charming, rustic piece of original moon witch art.

Cute project for a teen witch or an adult looking for a relaxing afternoon activity.

Painting for Your Spirit

Okay, so full disclosure–I am NOT a painter!  (As if that weren’t obvious from the picture).

That’s exactly why I chose to write this post.  Because if I am not too intimidated or embarassed to show people my less-than-Louvre-worthy canvas, you needn’t be, either.

For me, the act of painting is the point; the end product is a bonus.  If I screw it up, it really doesn’t matter that much.  I can always cover it with fabric or turn it into something else. 

But nothing gives me that cool blue, zen calm like painting alone in a quiet room.

Painting soothes frayed nerves, relaxes the mind, and energizes you with the uniquely satisfying experience of creating something beautiful with your hands.

I recently discovered painting, and consider it an extension of my meditation practice.

When painting, I try to stay in the moment and “flow” with the paint.

I encourage you to try this approach!  It feels amazing. 

Put on some yoga or meditation music, make a cup of tea or light some candles to set a calming, reflective mood.

Variations & Tips

-First and foremost, do not put any pressure on yourself to create something spectacular.  If you happen to possess a polished artistic sense, by all means, go for it.  But also, just explore, create and experience the joy of making something for the sake of making it.

-I did a lot of things slightly differently, but I got the basic idea to make some moon witch art from this Youtube video.  Check it out if you’re struggling.  (But you probably won’t.  Again, this is super easy).

-This project is easy to scale up or down in size.  Go teeny-weeny for a shelf altar, or extra large for an epic wall canvas.

-Any combination of complimentary colors works here.   Try two shades of cool blue.  Orange and red also look nice.

-I only used 4 paints shades in total: white, black and the two shades of purple leftover from my child’s lavender painting craft a couple of months ago.  But you can get away with only white, black and one color if you blend the black in with the color to create some shading variation.

Making It Magical

If it so pleases you, consider using this project as a basis for spell craft or as a talisman.


-Hiding symbols in the image that have meaning for you.

-Anointing the back of the canvas with oil, or inscribing symbols there.

-Using moon water to thin the paint.

-Placing it on the altar to honor the lunar cycle.

-Mixing ground gemstones in the paint (which also gives it great texture!)

-Dripping candle wax from a spell candle on the back of the canvas, or over the finished canvas to give it texture and impart it with the energy of your current spell objectives.

-Depict a specific goddess you work with regularly and use it to honor her in your sacred space.

-Sprinkle the wet paint with spell powder.

-Passing it through the smoke of some loose incense blended specifically for your spell objective.

-Leaving it in the full moonlight to charge it and impart it with celestial energy.

-Mix dried, crushed herbs with magical properties you want to focus on into the paint.

Things You Will Need

-black paint

-one or two paints in complimentary colors of your choosing

-natural sponge or damp paper towel

-canvas (any size)

-cardstock or very light cardboard 

-broad, flat paintbrush

optional:  fine-tipped brush (to clean up edges)

Step 1

Cut out a circle from thin cardboard or sturdy cardstock.  The thickness of your pattern material matters.  Too flimsy, and your lines won’t be clean.  To thick (like heavy cardboard) and you’ll get rough edges.

I used some light poster board, and it worked perfectly.

Step 2

Place circle on canvas slightly above the center line.  

Squeeze on thick dots of paint in two colors, with the lighter color on the bottom, and the darker on top.

Step 3

Hold the circle firmly in place with your non-dominant hand.  Using a natural sponge or slightly damp paper towel, dab the paint to blend it.  Don’t use strokes.  Just dab, blending carefully where the colors meet.

Step 4

Remove the circle.  Add random strokes of color in the moon to give it some texture.  Blend outward.  Optionally, you can use a fine-tipped brush to clean up the edges of the moon with white paint.

Step 5

Replace the circle cutout over the moon.  

Wet your broad, flat brush and dab it in the white paint.  Holding the brush with your non-dominant hand, gently run the index finger of your dominant hand over the tips of the bristles, “flicking” the paint in a star pattern on the canvas. 

(Pro tip:  Practice on a piece of dark scratch paper to get a feel for it).

Step 5 

Using your stock paper, draw and cut out the shape of a goddess.

You can freehand this.  Don’t be too obsessive.  A rough shape is good enough.  Personally, I like it to look a little wonky and primitive.  

With your non-dominant hand, firmly press the cutout at the base of the painting.  Using the paper towel, dab the black paint into the cutout, using it as you would a stencil.

Step 6

Remove the stencil.

Dip your broad, flat brush in the black paint.  Run it over a scrap piece of paper until most of the paint is gone.  Then, using very light, downward strokes, paint in grass at the base of the painting.

And . . . you’re done!  See?  I told you it was easy!

Full moon goddess painting DIY canvas for the teen witch or bored adult.

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