Herbal Winter Solstice Yule Wreaths Tutorial

DIY Winter Solstice Herbal Evergreen Wreath Tutorial

These simple, graceful Yule wreaths breathe life into any small space or Winter Solstice altar.

Easy enough to make on your own or with older kids!  

Or, get your moon circle together and turn your Solstice celebration into a crafting day.

It’s a great way to bring a little of the outdoors inside this winter and create something beautiful.

Yule wreath tutorial with evergreens and herbs.

Gathering Evergreens

If you maintain a witchy garden, you probably already grow some herbal evergreens.

Rosemary in particular is both common and dries very well into a wreath.

However, any evergreen will work.  Try:

-Pine Needles



-White fur

Or whatever happens to grow ubiquitously in your area.

Things you will need:

Fresh evergreen clippings

-matching green thread

-red ribbon (or color of your choice)


-embroidery hoop of varying sizes

-hot glue gun

optional:  essential oils

Step 1

Take a sprig of your chosen evergreen.

Holding it firmly with the thumb of your non-dominant hand against the embroidery hoop, wrap the thread tightly around the hoop and the evergreen.  Pull the thread tightly as you go to secure it, but not so hard as to break it.

Work your way all the way around it until the front of the hoop is covered with the evergreens.

Evergreen embroidery hoop wreath tutorial.

Step 2

Flip the hoop over so that the back is facing up.

Cut a piece of ribbon the length you want the yule wreaths to drop down from where it’s going to hang.  (I just kind of eyeballed it according to the space I knew the wreaths would be in).

Take the end of the ribbon and loop it over the embroidery hoop.  Hot glue into place.


Step 3

Cut two pieces of ribbon of equal length (mine were about 11″ long).

Starting with the first piece of ribbon, fold it in half and find the middle.   Mark it with a pen if you need to, then lay the full length flat with the back of the ribbon facing up.

Fold each end of the ribbon to the middle and secure with hot glue, like this:

Repeat with the second ribbon.  You should now have two pieces that look like this:

Step 4

Cross the two pieces of ribbon at the middle.  Hot glue them at the point of intersection.  

Cut a 3″ piece of ribbon.  Face the back of the ribbon up, and lay the crossed pieces (back sides facing up) on the short piece.

Wreath bow.

Fold the ends of the short piece over so that they meet at the intersection point.

Secure both ends of the short piece with hot glue.

Step 5

Flip the finished bow over and secure it to the ribbon on the wreath at whatever level you liked.

I put mine several inches about the wreath, which I thought gave it an elegant look.

Evergreen winter solstice wreath tutorial.

You’re done!  Mine were light enough that I just hung them up with thumb tacks, but use whatever method of hanging you prefer.

Tips and Tricks

-These Yule wreaths look great if you use varying sizes of embroidery hoops and hang them at slightly different levels.

-Go the extra mile and add a few drops of essential oil to the wreaths to make them smell amazing.  For Yule, I love any of these:

(Please note:  The following are listed as affiliate links for your convenience):

rosemary essential oil

cinnamon essential oil

cedar essential oil

orange essential oil

Winter Solstice Yule Herbal Wreath Tutorial


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