9 Ways to Use Nutmeg in Witchcraft

Deliriously warm and sensual, using nutmeg in witchcraft and magic promotes heightened spiritual states.

From clairvoyance to kitchen witchery, this versatile spice carries potent energetic potential.

And there’s a good chance you’ve already got a bottle of it lurking in your pantry!  So let’s bust that bad boy out and make some magic.

Travel spells.

Add whole nutmeg to sachets and spell bags for travel.

(You can use powdered, but it’s a lot messier).

Nutmeg encourages lively adventures and spiritual rejuvenation during vacations and retreats.

Spell bags to promote justice.

Add nutmeg to spells that promote justice.  Traditionally, this means using it in court case spells and spell bags.

But it also works in less formal settings.  Try it to reveal the truth about a lying coworker or someone spreading gossip.    For example:

Pull the Justice card from a standard deck of tarot cards.  Place it on top of the photo of your target.  Then, surround it with nutmeg (ground or whole) and white candles.  Light the candles once in the evening for a few minutes and meditate on the manifestation of justice.

Burn it for astral travel meditations.

If you plan to work on astral travel meditation, consider burning nutmeg as an incense during the experience.

This fiery herb stimulates insight, clarity and mental concentration.

Choose from any number of burn methods.  Burn it in a cauldron or fire-safe bowl on a (affiliate link —->) charcoal disk.

Or, if you really want a mystical experience, toss it in your campfire or coven bonfire and meditate under the stars.

Inspire lucid dreaming.

Similarly, nutmeg’s vision-inducing properties prove useful during lucid dreaming experiments.

If you work with lucid dreaming or are currently trying to achieve lucidity during the unconscious state, hang a drawstring bag of nutmeg over your bed.

As you fall asleep, visualize the energy of clear sight draining from your bag into your Third Eye Chakra.

Money and success spells.

Add this hot-tempered little spice to money oil.

Start with an ounce of carrier oil (like olive oil, jojoba or other base oil).  Then, 10-12 drops of (affiliate link—>) nutmeg essential oil to the base oil.  

Leave it under the full moon to charge.

Then, anoint candles, dollar bills and other spell items to draw financial luck, money and career success into your life.

(Caution:  Nutmeg essential oil causes skin irritation.  Dilute well and patch test to check your sensitivity).

Mabon and Samhain recipes.

Include ground nutmeg in teas, ritual cakes and other kitchen witch recipes for Mabon and Samhain.  This classic fall spice contains the all the energy of autumn in one little teaspoon.  Try adding nutmeg to any of these recipes:

Mabon Gingerbread Spice Pancakes

Samhain Ritual Cakes

Cauldron Brew:  Oktoberfest Beer Stroganoff 

White Pumpkin Cinderella Latte

In hot foot powders or to repel unwanted people.

Use nutmeg in hot foot powders (a spell powder sprinkled in someone’s shoe to make them “get to steppin'”) or spells to send unwelcome folks on their way.

Mix with cayenne, chili powder, red chili pepper flakes and/or paprika for a potent spell powder that makes annoying or problematic people find a speedy path out of your life.

Be convincing.

Need a little persuasive charm?

Add nutmeg to a spell bag to help you make convincing arguments with someone who doesn’t see things your way.

Great for work-related presentations, persuasive speeches and meetings where you expect to confront hostile opposition.

Love and attraction magic.

Add this spice to the long, long list of ingredients used in love spells.

Like cinnamon, nutmeg inspires passion, attraction and irresistible allure.

Use it any way you like in this context—burn it, surround candles with it, add it to love oils. 

Just be careful using nutmeg essential oil when making contact with skin, as it can irritate sensitive tissues. 




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