Cyber Witch: 7 Witchy Apps to Try

Cyber Witch: 9 Witchy Apps to Try

From moon phases to dream journals and plant identification, there’s app for that! Here’s 7 apps for the savvy cyber witch.

In a nature-based spiritual practice like modern witchcraft, the term cyber witch seems like an oxymoron.

But in reality, we spend as much time in front of screens as everyone else.

And while getting outside and submerged in the natural world certainly remains foundational, there’s no reason not to use every available tool at your disposal to enrich your practice.

Today, I share with you some of my favorite witchy apps.

As of this writing, all of them offer a free version.


Are you just getting to know your tarot deck?  

Mastering your tarot deck means committing time to learning the foundation.  

What does the Suit of Wands symbolize?  Should you freak out if you get the Death Card?

When you first start out on your tarot journey, breaking down the energy of the cards and memorizing their meanings feels overwhelming.

Instead of tackling it all at once, take it in small chunks.

If you want to learn on the go, Labyrinthos makes it easy to pick up the basics of tarot reading while you wait in your doctor’s office or ride shotgun on a long road trip.

On Android:  Labyrinthos

On Apple:  Labyrinthos

Moon Phase Apps

Quick!  What is the current moon phase?  If you never remember the answer to the question, try downloading a moon phase app to stay up-to-date. 

I like Daily Moon Life with Calendar, because I find it clean and simple, with an at-a-glance landing page.

But if you prefer a detailed, feature-rich app, try Daff Moon Phase.

On Android:  Daily Moon Life with Calendar,

On Apple:  Not available.  Try this one instead.

On Android:  Daff Moon Phase

On Apple:  Not available.

Crystal Guide–The Citrine Circle

This clever little app not only lists hundreds of crystals with brief, easy-to-digest descriptions, it also contains entertaining quizzes that test your knowledge of crystals and gemstones.

A nice way to pass the time between classes or waiting for your kid to finish her ballet lesson.

On Android:  Crystal Guide—The Citrine Circle

On Apple:  Crystal Guide:  The Citrine Circle 


Whether you just got started on your journey with magical herbalism, or you know your way around the apothecary cabinet like a pro, you probably need to identify plants in the field pretty regularly.

Up until the last few years, plant identification apps often misfired.  

But the technology (similar to facial recognition technology) continues to improve every day.

Plantsnap makes telling the difference between mugwort and horseweed well . . . a snap.

It’s still not perfect, but when it’s not, it usually gets you close enough to figure it out with a little research.

On Android:  Plantsnap

On Apple:  Plantsnap

Dream Catcher

Trying to connect more deeply with your dream life

Paying attention to and tracking your dreams opens deeper insight into your unconscious mind, personal history and spiritual world.

But if you struggle to maintain a paper dream journal, Dream Catcher:  Ultimate Dream Journal helps.  

Try it to track your dreams, discover patterns and uncover hidden personal revelations.

On Android:  Dream Catcher

On Apple:  Not available.  Try this one instead.

Runic Divination:  Rune Readings & Spreads

A much simpler divination system than the tarot, learning the runes is easy and fun.

Of course, I encourage you to use real runes whenever possible.  Working with your hands makes the process of divination much more intimate and organic.

But Runic Divination:  Rune Readings & Spreads makes working with the runes portable.

On Android:  Runic Divination:  Rune Readings & Spreads

On Apple:  Not available.  Try this one instead.

Natural Remedies:  Healthy Life, Food & Beauty

I love me some holistic, natural living.  

In a nature-based practice, living closer to the earth is an essential focus in everyday life.

From information on the medicinal properties of essential oils to chromo therapy (what?!) and seasonal living ideas, Natural Remedies:  Healthy Life, Food & Beauty presents natural living ideas in visually pleasing, beautifully content.

On Android:  Natural Remedies:  Healthy Life, Food & Beauty

On Apple:  Natural Remedies:  Healthy Life, Food & Beauty

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