Moonstone: A Magical Guide

The origins and uses of moonstone in witchcraft and spells.

Moonstone is one of the most mystical and ethereal gems.

It belongs to the orthoclase, a type of minerals that can be found in the Earth’s crust.

While its look captured the attention of millions of people throughout history, it has a deeper meaning and important origin a wearer should be familiar with. Plus, there are various benefits one can receive from this stone.

So, let’s learn a little bit more about this gorgeous stone.

(Please note:  This article is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical illness.  All opinions expressed are those of Moon Magic.  Article by Lisa Thomas.)

Moonstone Meaning

If you look at this stone, you can learn a lot about its meaning because a tumbled piece of moonstone resembles a shiny full moon in the sky.

Quality stones have a color and shine that changes depend on the lighting and they have a fluid movement if you take a closer look at it. Its appearance is soft and warm, almost comforting.

In Feng Shui and various other traditions, moonstone represents the woman’s divine power and her fertility cycle that’s connected to the moon’s phases. It’s also often connected to purification, self-development, spiritualization and re-energization.

You can read this and find out more about moonstone’s connection to spirituality and the world of monks, shamans and devotees from various religions.

Along with its spiritual meaning, more and more people buy moonstone for its aesthetic appeal and health value.

Moonstone used to be a common jewelry element of Art Noveau followers and a healing, meditative,and transcendent accessory for Hippies of the 60s and New Age kids of the 90s.

Today, it’s still a trendy piece of jewelry beloved by all people looking for something that will add a feminine touch to their look.

Moonstone Benefits

Many cultures and civilizations since prehistoric times knew about the healing properties of moonstones.

So what can you use this stone for?

No matter in what phase of your life you are, you can get physical and mental benefits from your moonstone.

Historically, people used moonstones to correct various ailments and issues in their lives.

For instance, moonstone is known to be a healer of various diseases and disorders connected to the liver, pancreas, stomach, and spleen.

It can also be used to assist one’s lymphatic system and help it during the blood cleaning processes.

Since the moonstone is known as a “woman’s stone” its powers can often help women and their emotional state.

It can be used for enhancing one’s emotional balance, keep anger at bay and reduce negative energy. According to some women, it also helps them regulate their menstrual cycle and keep menstrual disorders at bay, as well as reduce pain during childbirth.

Moonstone is a soothing gem that might improve the work of pituitary glands, help the pineal gland keep up the healthy circadian rhythm and control one’s sleep.

Your moonstone can be your faithful companion during hard times. Since moonstones signify new beginnings and rebirth.

When people find themselves in situations that seem hopeless, knowing that they will recover can be a huge help. The power of the moon can also improve one’s intuition and give you the strength to beat melancholy and grief.

With improved intuition comes a surge of creativity and various other talents that can help an individual grow and improve. If you need to do something about your professional skills, productivity and personality development, having a moonstone on your person can give you the strength to reinvent yourself.

Moonstone Origin

Moonstone can be found in many places across the globe. Wherever there’s a presence of rock rich in feldspar, you can be sure you’ll find moonstone.

The two most common countries of origin of moonstone are India and Sri Lanka. Historically, Sri Lanka has a long history of producing blue moonstone, while India is more famous for providing interested parties with rainbow moonstone.

Other locations where moonstone can be harvested are:

-Australia (Queensland)

-Tanzania (Kilosa, Morogoro Region)

-Madagascar, Armenia (Lake Seven)

-Switzerland (Adula Mountains contain a large number of moonstone minds which produce historically significant specimens)

-Norway (Larvik Fjord region)

-Germany, USA, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro state)


-Myanmar (another location rich in moonstones famous for its purity and cleanliness).

No matter if you’re looking for a beautiful fashion accessory or a companion piece that will help you stay healthy and stable, moonstone can be a perfect choice of jewelry for you. Look for pieces that come from respectable sources and you’ll get to reap the most of moonstone’s aesthetic and health benefits.



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