Imbolc Herbal Ice Lantern DIY Craft

For a fun, 100% natural Imbolc craft, trying making this ice lantern with materials already in your kitchen.

These gorgeous diy ice lanterns use simple, natural materials to make a lovely altar piece for your Imbolc or winter moon rituals.  Easy, practically free and stunningly beautiful, this craft warms up any snow day.

Step one?  Bundle up, grab a thermos of hot cocoa and head out on a winter nature walk.

Choosing Herbs for Your Ice Lantern

Believe it or not, even in the coldest climates, greenery continues to grow throughout the winter.

If you keep an herb garden, grab some rosemary and/or sage.

Or, take a walk around your neighborhood or nearby park. Gather evergreens like pine needles or juniper.

If you want more color, try including leftover cranberries from the freezer or dried flowers.

You Will Need:

-herbs and flowers of your choice

-a bowl

-a glass jar large with a smaller diameter than your bowl

-spring water or melted snow water

-a tea candle

-a gemstone suited to your purpose (I used clear quartz)

Assembling the Lantern

Make ice lanterns! A creative idea to make your snow day a little more lovely.

Layer the bowl with your herbs and flowers.  Fill the bowl about 2/3s of the way up.

Place your gemstone inside the glass jar.  In addition to charging your lantern with appropriate energy, it serves the practical purpose of weighing down the jar so it sinks to the bottom of the bowl.

Put the jar with the gemstone in the center of the bowl.  It should sink to the bottom.

If it’s below freezing outside, simply place the bowl outdoors overnight.  (Bonus points if it’s a full moon).

If not, put it in the freezer overnight.

Once it’s fully hardened, let the bowl stand at room temperature for 10-15 minutes before trying to un-mold your ice lantern.

If you want to speed up the process, you can fill the jar on the inside of the bowl with some lukewarm water.

Gently twist the jar until it loosens from the ice.  Once you remove it, slowly wiggle the ice lantern out of the bowl.

Use immediately.

Fire and ice. Combine them with these ice candle lanterns for a little elemental magic on your altar.

DIY ice lanterns for imbolc or Brigid's Day! Make your winter a little more magical with this cozy craft.

Helpful Tips

-If you want your lantern to have a bottom, layer the herbs or flowers higher at the bottom of the bowl underneath the the jar.

-Make absolutely sure the jar is centered in the middle of the bowl before you freeze it.

-Dried flowers float to the top of the water, so if you want that “encased in ice look,” fresh works better.  If you really want to use dried, use whole pieces and weight the stems down with the jar so they don’t float.

Using Your Lantern in Ritual

The clever play of fire and ice in this lantern lends itself well to elemental magic.

For Imbolc, these two Elements play a special role in the turning of the seasons.  As we move through the coldest months of the year, fire encased in ice reminds us of the return of the light and the hopeful promise of spring.

On a practical level, if you plan an outdoor ritual this time of year, enclosing your candles in ice lanterns keeps them from blowing out in the wind.

For a fun (practically) free Imbolc craft, try this tutorial for making your own herbal ice lanern.


  1. I did this! It was two days late for Imbolic, but the Fire & Ice was fantastic! I used some lemongrass, lemon, orange and lavender essential oils in the water and it smelled amazing as it burned. This was fabulous and easy-to-make. Thank you so much!

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