Triple Goddess Tarot Spread for Wisdom

Feeling unsure of yourself?  Need some insight into your current circumstances?  Would you like to draw on your personal wisdom to solve a problem?  Tap into your personal awareness with the Triple Goddess Wisdom Spread to discover a fresh perspective.

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If you have a selection of decks, I recommend choosing one that features goddess imagery.

For this spread, I chose the beautiful Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

Position 1:  Your Maiden aspect. 

The maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess symbolizes your willingness to learn, you sense of wonder, and your innocence.  What is your maiden saying through this card?  What blockages, insights or energy can you draw from her to apply to your current situation?

Position 2:  You Mother aspect. 

This aspect of the Triple Goddess represents your creative impulses, your ability to nurture people and projects, and your protective instincts.  What inventive or intuitive advice might your Mother aspect have to to offer you?

Position 3:  What your Mother aspect is “pregnant” with. 

This “pregnancy” is probably not literal, but representative of your life’s goal or main objective at the moment, and what motivates it.  This driving force often dwells in the interior of our psyche, remaining in the unconscious realm until we purposely dig for it.  So avoid leaping to the obvious.  For example, you may think in your conscious mind that your current goal is to climb a career ladder, when actually you are driven by the internal goal of pleasing your parents or a spouse.  Look to this card for answers to the question of what truly galvanizes your motives.

Position 4:  Your Crone Aspect. 

The Crone stands for elder within us all.  You need not have lived 80 years to acquire wisdom.  Although we all (hopefully) come into our wisdom’s full potential towards the latter part of life, even the tiniest child possesses wisdom.

What recent lessons guide your present self?

Position 5:  Experiences on which the Crone draws. 

What, in your personal experience or lifetime, informs you in this moment?  What facet of your past are you reliving, or trying not to relive?

Position 6:  Revelation of the Crone. 

While the last card symbolizes knowledge already acquired, this card symbolizes wisdom yet to be acquired.  Pay attention for cues in this card that trigger unexpected thoughts or new insight.

Triple Goddess Tarot Spread for Wisdom.


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