10 Ways to Use Pumpkins in Witchcraft

Long before Cinderella’s fairy godmother sent her bewitched pumpkin carriage careening towards a royal party under a reckless magic spell, this mythical fruit vined its way into the legend of witchcraft.

Here are a few ideas to bring pumpkins into your autumn magical practice.

Spell bags.

The fertile abundance of seeds inside a pumpkin are perfect for success spells and spell bags.

Use your jack-o-lantern to chase away negative energy. 

Did you know jack-o-lanterns were originally carved to chase away demons? 

In the spirit of this tradition, burn a charcoal disk with protection herbs like rosemary to turn away negative energy at the doorstop.

Bury your kid’s spent pumpkin in the garden to “fertilize” a wishing spell.   

Never know what to do with your kid’s jack-o-lantern once Halloween is over?  The pumpkin’s magical lore makes it “ripe” for wishing magic.  Have your child write a goal for the springtime on a piece of (natural) paper, and bury it in the garden to bless his/her endeavors.  

Kids move so quickly from one phase to the next, seeing their “wish” come up in the spring will remind them of how far they walked since the beginning of the school year!

Boil your cauldron. 

If you’re kitchen-witchy, make a batch of crock pot pumpkin soup

Be sure to include plenty of “heart-warming” magical spices like chili powder or cumin.  Stir it clockwise four times and bless it for strong ties between family and friends.  Then serve it to everyone!

Leave it as an offering to the woodland spirits. 

Samhain is a time to honor those who came before you. Once you’re finished with your pumpkin, take it to woodlands on your next nature walk and leave it as an offering to your ancestors.   It also makes great deer food!

Use it in a group Samhain ritual

Hollow out and carve a large pumpkin with symbols sacred to your tradition.  Light a candle inside, go around the circle and talk about your year together as a group or coven

Discuss any remaining tensions, write them down and then agree to let them go with the start of the new Wheel of the Year. 

Place a candle inside the pumpkin lantern, and one by one, burn the paper.  Watch it go up in smoke and let go. 

Save the stems. 

The stem dries out and cures pretty quickly.  Leave it with your magical cabinet to boost wishing spells or prosperity spells during the next Wheel of the Year.

Draw out your inner beauty. 

Mix 1/4 cup pumpkin puree with a splash of apple cider vinegar and an egg.  Use it as a mask to bring out the “enchanting” side of your inner beauty.

Place a pumpkin near your creative workspace for inspiration and brainstorming. 

Pumpkins connote fanciful thinking and fairy tales.  Use this energy in your workspace for out-of-the-box thinking and reach deeper.

Make a bird feeder to connect with the spirit of fire and air. 

Invite winter-friendly birds near your home by making a bird feeder out of your pumpkin.  When you notice a bird near it, say a blessing and send him off with you to carry a wish or prayer skyward!



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