Freaky Foot Soak Samhain Favor

Samhain is about many things for many of us, but a big part of it for me is about kids, and imagination, and the playfulness and magic of childhood.  It’s appropriate that the holiday is so focused on children.  After all, for the witch, it is a celebration of the “thinning of the veil between worlds,” and it is obvious to most of us that children are closer to the veil.

However, in addition to giving out candy this year, I decided to do a little something for the weary parents trekking through the neighborhood to escort the little goblins on their treasure hunt.

I decided foot soak would be a nice thing to give out to these poor, exhausted souls after a long evening of walking.

freaky foot soak

I found these little mini gift boxes at the dollar tree (8 for $1).

samhain favor

Then, I fill some plastic wrap with plain old epsom salts and mixed in some essential oils.  Lavender seems to be the classic choice, but I used cinnamon oil because it has a stronger association with the season.  I tied them off with a little ribbon and stuffed them into the boxes.


I made this label from clip art and some fancy font that seemed appropriate.  If you’d like to use it yourself, feel free, just adjust the size to whatever container you’re using.  I stuck them on with rubber cement, which worked okay, but I think spray adhesive might have worked better.

freaky foot soak label

And voila.

freaky foot soak


I plan on blessing these with sage smoke for neighborly peace and harmony, but this is optional.

If you’re not crafty, or you just don’t have time to make something, here are some other ideas for adult favors to pass out to parents.

*Pumpkin spice tea bags.
*Bags of cider mix.
*If you know the neighbor in question, mini bottles of seasonal wine or liquor are nice.  I’m not sure why, but it seems like a bad idea to do this for strangers, though I am comfortable giving them to my immediate neighbors.
*Cinnamon incense sticks.

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