Samhain Favors: Bloody Mary Coffin Craft

People are always asking me for craft and party favor ideas for the Sabbats.  After all, store-bought versions are hard to come by.  Even if mainstream holidays sometimes correspond (no more evidently as in the case of Samhain), there is a need for something more specific to our holidays.

So this time of year, the craft store has these great little mini coffins.

mini coffin craft

I pick up some of the wood ones every year for my bone reading kits.

But this year,   I got some of the cheaper card board coffins to make this favor to pass out to my pagan peeps for the biggest night of the year.

This is how they turned out:

samhain coffin craft

Here’s what you’ll need:

*cardboard mini coffins
*acrylic paint (I used black and red)
*mini bottles of premium vodka (I used Absolute)
*gift box filler (got a big enough bag to fill 10 coffins for $1 at the Dollar Tree)
*printable images linked below
*contact paper, wrapping paper or random printable black-and-white patterns to line the coffins (optional)
*Glitter paper (optional)

1.  Start by painting you coffin.  You can go with solid black.  Personally, I like how they look with a red interior, but that is kind of time consuming, so in retrospect, solid black would have been fine.

mini coffin craft

2.  I lined the interior side of the lid of the box with a printable demask pattern (just Google image search “free printable demask black and white”) but it looks good with almost any black-and-white pattern.

mini coffin craft

3.  For the outside top of the box, I cut a square of red glitter scrap booking paper that I had on hand, but again, you can use whatever you’ve got, including nothing at all.  Over the red glitter square, I printed and placed this.  This is my design (except for the spider, which is a Photoshop brush) and you’re welcome to use it for whatever non-commercial purpose you want, but it’s small and the perfect size for a coffin.  Adjust size as necessary.

happy samhain (spider) smaller

coffin craft cropped

4.  For the inside, on top of the demask (or whatever) lining of the lid, I printed this:

hope you're dead drunk


5.  I removed the Absolute label from the mini liquor bottle, and I glued on a recipe for a vodka Bloody Mary, which seemed like an appropriate cocktail, but feel free to get creative.

bloody mary recipe

6.  Finally, I filled the box with this awesome Dollar Tree gift filler . . . stuff.  But use whatever you’ve got.


7.  The only thing left to do is give them away!  Enjoy!


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