Big News!

After months of preparation, glue guns, promotional materials, talking to advertisers and the general insanity that accompanies these kinds of ventures, is finally going live today!

A few quick notes:

*If you are a blogger interested in reviewing one of my products, and you have a decent amount of traffic, comment here and I will get in touch with you.

*If you are just an awesome pagan looking to support pagan-owned small business, please share, like it, Pin it, whatever.  This isn’t Walmart.  Whether online or brick-and-mortar, pagan-owned businesses succeed by word of mouth.  Your voice matters.  Use it.  Don’t support slave wages and unfair trade.  Buy handmade, even if it isn’t mine.

*If you are reader and you are interested in making a purchase, let me know and I’ll be sure to hook you up with a discount for your first purchase.

I am launching a number of new products, including the mojo bags I featured earlier this month.

mojo money sign IMG_8608 IMG_8593

I will periodically keep you all updated here about my progress as a new eCommerce site owner.

But mostly, I will continue to posts tips for ritual ideas, seasonal celebrations and all the things you’ve come to love about Moody Moons the blog.

Thanks for all your support, guys!  You’re really wonderful.


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